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Temporary Butterfly Tattoos - Get the Look Without the Hassle

I love the idea of tattoos ~ it's their permanency I'm not so keen on, so the idea of temporary tattoos speaks to me ~ and having a bit of a thing for butterflies being able to have beautiful temporary butterfly tattoos is just perfect.

Temporary tattoos are designed to be used as a fashion accessory and appeal to all age groups. I have a nine year old niece who loves wearing them ~ but also loves that they come off so easily which means she can change her designs to suit each outfit (she's at that age) - and that's really the beauty of temporary tattoos.

Whether you want to try out a design to see it would suit you, shock your friends and family by pretending you've had a real tattoo done, or wear one just because the mood takes you, a fake tattoo gives you those options.


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Butterfly by California Tattoos Inc
Butterfly by California Tattoos Inc

Fake Butterfly Tattoos

Fake butterfly tattoos in particular are great because they are so versatile.

From stunningly colourful butterflies, so bright they look like they're flown straight out of a rain forest to glittery creations full of sparkle and shine and elegant, understated monochrome varieties there are temporary butterfly tattoos a plenty to choose from.

Temporary tattoos are normally applied with water and will either wear off after a few days under thier own steam or can be removed with rubbing alcohol ~ always follow the instructions included in the pack.

Kids Temporary Tattoos - Beautiful Butterflies

Once girls reach a certain age they love to start experimenting with make up and accessories and temporary tattoos can be a part of that which, makes them the perfect party bag filler or present.


Glittery Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

 There are times when only a bit of sparkle will do ~ for which these glittery fake butterfly tattoos are perfect.

Other Temporary Kids Tattoos

 Temporary butterfly tattoos while beautiful are only one tiny part of the wide range of fake tattoo designs available in kids tattoos.

Other subjects include temporary dragon tattoos, dolphins, monkeys and even Hello Kitty Tattoos.

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omcj1234 6 years ago

Those are pretty cool. I know some people who would love them.

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