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Cami Secret As Seen On TV

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Cami SecretCami Secret Lace CamiCami Secret ColorsCami Secret As Seen On TVLace Cami
Cami Secret
Cami Secret
Cami Secret Lace Cami
Cami Secret Lace Cami
Cami Secret Colors
Cami Secret Colors
Cami Secret As Seen On TV
Cami Secret As Seen On TV
Lace Cami
Lace Cami

Cami Secret Lace Cami

When I first saw the Cami Secret Lace Cami commercial I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I couldn't imagine the need for such a ridiculous item. But then I remembered I was watching television and this was of course an As Seen On TV item. So it must be brilliant. Right?

Well, the Cami Secret is kind of brilliant and again I have to hand it to the As Seen On TV people to come up with a lace cami product that actually comes in handy. You see, I often remark that was is so great about Seen On TV stuff is that it is usually so simple. Someone comes up with an invention that solves a problem which is much more widespread than people imagine. Most of the time when we see the solution on one of these ads we say to ourselves, "I could have thought of that"!

This is again the case because when you look at the cami secret lace cami you say to yourself, "What a simple Fix!". Anyone could have really thought of this this and these camisols are nothing special, but they work. The price is right and the deal is superb so there is no reason not to have these in your wardrobe.

However, I often wonder if the problems referred to in the commercial are really significant problems. I get the clothes pin issue and how they can ruin clothes, but I'm wondering about the office situation. Are women really wearing tops to the office which require censorship? If so, I imagine it's done on purpose.

Now having said that, these cami secret lace camis really can dress up a blouse and can create multiple looks for any shirt which makes them more functional and more versatile. Who wouldn't want to be able to change the theme or look of an outfit by just adding a lace cami. Talk about getting your money out of your wardrobe. This simple method of accessorizing is what I think makes cami secret great. Not to mention they seem to provide a comfortable alternative to cami bras or undergarments. Let's take a look at the commercial and see what you think.

Cami Secret As Seen On TV Commercial

Cami Secret Reviews

Now that you've seen the commercial it's easy to make fun of some of the salesmanship being used to sell the cami secret but that doesn't mean it won't be a popular product. The fact that you get 6 cami secret lace camis for just $10 plus S&H makes this one fashion accessory that is within the budget of anyone who needs its function or is simply looking to dress up a top or add some color.

These type of quick fix fashion accessories are not rare at all and a few positive reviews online will help the cami secret catch fire. The fact that you won't need pins to close stubborn tops is worth the price a lone but I think the because these clip to the bra straps to give the look of a full lace cami is what makes them unique. Not only will you not have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions, the lack of a tank or full camisole in summer will leave you much more comfortable and straps and wrinkles will not show through.

So regardless of just how silly the infomercial world makes this product appear, this is only flashy marketing designed to shock and entertain but the cami secret is a tremendous value and should be the fashion accessory hit of the summer.

I'm not certain you can buy cami secret in stores, but even if you can, you will not get the 6 for the price of 1. So do your diligence and figure the cost of six and decide if they are worth ordering online to receive all the bonuses.

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Comments 29 comments

Cami secret fan 6 years ago

I'm guessing that when these are sold in the store, it would be about $10 for a pack of three. Which would average to $20 (plus tax) for 2 packs.

When ordering online, you have to pay shipping for each pack at $6.99. That's 13.98 plus the $10. That's about $23.98 in total. I would say that buying in a store would either be cheaper or the same considering the taxes.

Judy Pontius 6 years ago

I ordered the cami secret. They sent me the 6 for $10.00 plus $6.99 S & H. They then sent an additional 3 of the original and charged me $10.00 plus another $6.99 S & H. I called them and they said S & H was not refundable and they would give me $5.00 back for their error or I could return for just the $10.00 overcharge making my S & H $13.98 for the original order. Beware of their little errors that end up costing you more than you anticipated.

sylvia witte 6 years ago

Would like an address so I can mail a check and not use a credit card on line. Thank you

charmstotreasure profile image

charmstotreasure 6 years ago

Cami's rock. Avon evens packages them, in the price ranges you are stating roughly. YOu can check their online site.

Jacki 6 years ago

Yeah, I was bugged by the outrageous shipping fees...these things weigh nothing, a tiny little box, probably costs 3 bucks or less to ship, I'm even in the same state... I thought I was paying shipping once, did not realize til it was too late that they hit you twice for shipping, I don't think they care if you return the item since they make all their money on completely over-blown bogus shipping and "handling"

Linda Pullen 6 years ago

I am very upset about my order from cami secret. They sent extra sets I didn't order and charged me from them, but the s&h was the worst!! I called them and they would refund some of the s&h,but is was not enough. I told them it does not say anything about shipping on their tv comercial. I'm planning to turn them over to the better bussiness bureau. Plus I'm telling my friends on fb. Please tell everyone you know!! I wish I would hav seen these comments first.

Monika 6 years ago

I thought these would be fantastic. I'm big busted and have always have problems with v-necks. The problem with these is the clasp is weak, it always comes un-done and it peaks up from the bottom and ends up outside the shirt. Not very attractive. I have to use double sided Hollywood tape to secure it all in place.

Basherah Osman 6 years ago

Hello, I want to know what the phone number is for the order line to order the cami secret /please if you have the phone number, may I have it?


Lea Reisal 6 years ago

Buyer Beware! That's all I can say. Still waiting and wasn't so cheap after all the extra fees. They also tried to sell me some program. How do I get my money back??

Lori 6 years ago

I ordered the Cami Secret on 6/15, I just called them today 9/4-- and they told me they are STILL on back-order. When I tried to cancel, I was told I could send them back for a refund when they arrived. WHENEVER THAT MAYBE.This is crazy.

sarah 6 years ago

i ordered the bonus set on aug 31 on the phone and on sept 11 my card was billed $149.87? all sets are $10 for 1st set plus 6.99 S&H 6.99 S&H for 2nd set and $20 and no S&H for 3rd set. i still cant figure out how 10+6.99+6.99+20=149.87 when i was in grade school that all totaled 43.98? i will be calling cami-ripoff to cancel my order plus my bank to cancel card transaction!!!!

Robin Keaton 6 years ago

I ordered cami secret and the phone call lasted 26 minutes. They made me at least 6 different additional offers and each offer was made for a second time. I said no to everything. After the final no the machine simply hung up on me. Then I received a phone call 3 days later. This time a real person. She told me my package would arrive in a couple of days and then proceeded to start offering me more deals. I told her all I wanted was what I had ordered. I received my package 6 weeks later. Can't help but wonder how fast I would have gotten them if I had listened to her crap and purchased something else. And I am totally unhappy with the product. They aren't all that adjustable. They wont stay in place. I constantly have to keep checking to see if it is where it is supposed to be. Or pin it to my clothes! I wluld say just don't even bother with them!!

jl 6 years ago

I ordered one set on the phone and received 36 sets! my credit card was billed and now I am having a problem returning them.

They are crooks

carol 6 years ago

I bought these and they are very cheaply made. The plastic was broken on the brown one and they said there was only a 30 day guarantee. Also the plastic clips are on backwards! Don't bother with these rip offs!

Jett D 6 years ago

Wish I had read these comments before purchase. The shipping & handling cost is an insult to anyones intelligence. They ARE too small I should send them back but paying for S & H AGAIN goes against my grain. I WILL report their rip off scheme to the BBB. I hope the sell to the Wrong person. One that can get mad enough and REALLY know how to put them out of business......

Jett D 6 years ago

Wish I had read these comments before purchase. The shipping & handling cost is an insult to anyones intelligence. They ARE too small I should send them back but paying for S & H AGAIN goes against my grain. I WILL report their rip off scheme to the BBB. I hope the sell to the Wrong person. One that can get mad enough and REALLY know how to put them out of business......

jett d 6 years ago

I'd like to know how they figure their S&H charges. They seem to range fromm $6.99 to $13.98 plus. That in itself SHOULD be investigated.

Jennifer 6 years ago

One of my Coworkers bought these for his 15 year old daughter. She is well endowed and most shirts are now cut very low... Dad makes sure she looks ok before she leaves the house and there are many shirts she can not wear out because they show too much. If you dont like the way the company is charging you, get the material and do it yourself... not hard.

hartnell campbell 6 years ago

i ordered cami secrets for my wife going eight weeks now and all now i haven't received them please check this out for me

Smart 6 years ago

scrap of fabric + snap hair clips = same thing

chris 6 years ago

I bought my cami from Walgreens.....there were 3 basic color blk, wht, beige......cost $9.99....out the door and love them.

6 years ago

Italy, there's no need to call them gay. This is just an isult to gay people, and I don't think that's appropriate. And for the record, I am straight.

Pam 6 years ago

I did not see any cami's on Avon.

Shannon F 6 years ago

Bet these turn up at the Dollar Store like so many other items, such as the 'Bumpit's'. When I saw those at the hair salon supply store and other places asking for $9.99, I had to laugh. I got a set of two for $1. So glad I never paid a dime more. I'll be on the look out for these Cami's. I was just about to order them too but my time and money is far too precious to have to deal with all the nonsense I see in these comments about extra fees, etc.

Stark 6 years ago

If you don't want men in your life, wear this. While your at it, cut your hair short like a man and wear a sweater around your rump when you work out.

booboo 6 years ago

I waited and purchased these at a walgreens. They are awesome and I didn't have to mess with the online crap

chg 5 years ago

They must have changed the snaps on these, they are now the metal buttons/snaps, and they do stay in place, I got mine at walmart, for 9.99, and they work, just great. only problem, i got the last pack of blue/brown/ivory, and they were already sold out of the black, beige and white sets.

I bought some really great ones online, can't remember the company, a real elegant design to them, i bought ivory and black, and they tie on, i don't like that as well as the snaps (hard to tie on in that place of the body), but they are sooo fancy, I just love them and get so many compliments.

margaret  5 years ago

iam in love with this product can i get other colors

catsmeow 5 years ago

I purchased these when they had the plastic clips and the first time I used them the clips broke on two out of three of them. They need to improve the clips and also need a lot more colors.

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