Cardinal Bird Tattoos

Unique Bird Tattoos

The Cardinal has more signifagance than being a state bird. The cardinal makes a good tattoo idea. If you're looking for something that not everybody has, this may be a good choice for you. This is popular among bird lovers, and some chooose to show their love of birds by getting their favorite tattooed onto them.

You can get them flying, perched, or even eating. The cardinal itself has a strong presence and probably wouldn't need a whole lot added to it. Each tattoo is showing each persons individuality, so make sure to get exactly what YOU want.

Another idea is getting a 3D cardinal tattoo, or even getting part of it three dimensional like the wings or head. It just adds a really neat look to tattoos and is extremely popular. Make sure to have a tattoo artist draw up exactly what you are looking for. Most should do this anyway, but some do not and then you end up with a tattoo you're less than happy with.

Cool Cardinal Tattoo

Unique Cardinal Tattoo

Neat Cardinal Tattoo

Different Cardinal Tattoo

Pretty Cardinal Tattoo

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metalmomma27 profile image

metalmomma27 5 years ago from Hornell,New York

you are right Deborah the cardinal is a great tattoo. Im oringally from virginia and the cardinal is the state bird.

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