Cats Eye Stone - Gemstone of Ketu

Cat's Eye Stone, the Gemstone representing Ketu
Cat's Eye Stone, the Gemstone representing Ketu

Cats Eye Gemstone

The gemstone representing Ketu as per Indian astrology is known as Cat's Eye, Lehsunia, or Vaiduria. The other names of this stone are Cymophane or Chrysoberyl Cats Eye. This gemstones comes in a variety of shades. All ill effects of Ketu in Horoscope can be remedied by wearing this gemstone. Ketu is also referred to 'Second Mars' as the effect is similar to that of Mars. This stone is found in the mines of Srilanka, Brazil,China and Burma mostly.

This stone is worn to remove the malefic effects of Ketu , Rahu and Shani if favorable. Wearing this gemstone jewelry removes accidents, unknown enemies, mental imbalances, weakness, evil spirits, poverty etc and give the wearer wealth.

Substitute Gemstones for Cat's Eye Stone

Cats Eye Stone Substitutes : Tiger Eye and Turquoise
Cats Eye Stone Substitutes : Tiger Eye and Turquoise

How to wear Cats Eye Ring?

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye is a stone of good fortune and happiness. This stone enhances creativity and optimism. Cat's eye is used in crystal healing for kidneys, pancreas and liver. Single stones or crystals are used in chakra healing and aura balancing. The Chakra's associated with the stone are the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. This stone can be beneficial for cholesterol, eye problems and headaches. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye tumbled stones are used in Feng Shui to add metaphysical energy to water fountains. These stone can be charged with intent and be used as manifestation stones. You can also sleep with it under your pillow or carry it in a pouch as a protection and good luck stone.

Given below is the requirements and Procedure to wear a Cat's eye Ring when worn as an astrological remedy.

The Cat's eye stone should be set in silver and worn as ring or bracelet and worn on the right side of the body. A minimum of 5 carets of Cat's eye is advisable to be worn in order to be benefited. The gemstone ring should be worn on Wednesday or Saturday after washing it in raw milk and gangajal after chanting the Ketu mantra 108 times. Any of the below mentioned Mantras for Ketu can be chanted.

"Aum sram srim sraum sah ketave namah "

"Ashwa Dwajaaya Vidmahe

Shoola Hasthaaya Dheemahi

Tanno Ketu Prachodayath"

The Cat's Eye is said to give fast effects like Gomedh and Neelam.The maximum effects of this stone can be obtained for 3 years from the day of wearing the stone. However, avoid wearing Cats Eye stone along with Pearl, Ruby and their substitute gemstones.

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