Causes of Acne

Sebaceous Glands

Sebaceous glands (normal)
Sebaceous glands (normal)


We thought only adolescents are the only people prone to acne and pimples, but no, even middle-aged people are susceptible to this irritating skin problem.

There are many causes of acne which include, stress, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance and diet, that triggers the over-production of sebum by the sebaceous glands.

Teenagers are the usual victims of acne because of the hormonal changes that occur inside their bodies due to puberty. Adult acne are usually associated with stress and poor diet. These factors contribute to hormonal change, that make sebaceous glands become overactive, producing oil excessively.

Excessive oil should escape through the skin's surface, but sometimes, when our pores are blocked due to dead skin cells and poor hygiene, the oil gets stuck in the hair follicles. The trapped sebum becomes an ideal place for the bacteria to grow, causing inflammation and irritation of the skin.

Knowing this scenario, we can prevent acne by first, practicing good hygiene. Wash our face regularly with a mild soap to cleanse our skin. We may use benzoyl peroxide (5%) to treat mild acne. The only downside is that benzoyl peroxide causes our face to peel.

Some doctors may prescribe salicylic acid, tretinoin or even oral medications depending on the patient's skin type and the severeness of the acne.

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