Celebrities Designing Perfume Handbags and More


Every day we see ads on TV and the Internet for Celebrity inspired items. To me it is just insane that the advertisers think just because a Celebrity put their name on something that I am supposed to just automatically want this product. It is insulting to the public at large. Almost as if they are saying that we have no independent thought what so ever.

Why should I care if Christie Brinkley or Chuck Norris uses a exercise machine. What makes them experts in the fitness world. Nothing at all they are just two people who made money off their looks and ability to read words off a cue card. I would be more interested in a machine promoted by one of those UFC guys who make money off their ability to fight better than the other guy which of course requires an extensive workout routine.

Perfumes and Colognes is another area that if you ever had a hit song or hit TV show you are almost guaranteed a fragrance with your name on it. Are you kidding me who out there wants to wear a Fragrance with Hanna Montana or Justin Beiber on the Bottle. I want to wear a fragrance that was carefully designed by an Aromachologist not some fly by night one hit wonder or actress.

What all this boils down to is GREED. These supposed talents are holding on to the fame as long as they can and when they see that their notoriety is fading they have to find something to extend it just a little bit longer. Sure a few loyal fans will rush out and by one of these Celebrity inspired Fragrances or Purses but the rest of these items are destined for the Bargain bin at your local Wal-Mart or Discount store.

 So I say is this really what they want to have their once flourishing career sitting at the bottom of a Bin with those little Red Tags that say was Once Famous and Wanted now Useless and Cheap……..

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