Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag

Chanel Quilted Clutch Bags are Timeless Elegance

Somehow the styles of Coco Chanel and Carl Lagerfield have always tapped into classic and timeless elegance. For they eye and the owner the Chanel Clutch has always represented refined beauty.

The Chanel Clutch Bag is a favorite of many celebrities as you can see in some of the pictures here. When you want to travel light like you might on an evening out the clutch is a wonderful choice. A woman knows the beauty of the accessories she chooses embue her with that touch of attraction that makes her stand out.

A handbag to a woman is an essential expression of who she sees herself as so it is not hard to understand why women want to feel the association with the refined classic elegance Chanel is the image of.

Many celebrities gravitate to Chanel handbags and the Clutch is one of their favorites. Micha Barton is a big fan of Chanel handbags as are Paris and Nicki Hilton, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, and Katherine Higal, along with many others.

Some people consider buying a Chanel Handbag to be an investment because they seem to always be stylish and fashionable. The handcrafted quality of an authentic Chanel Handbag is extraordinary. Some bags require 100 hours to make each one.

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Ashley Olsen with her Chanel Quilted Clutch

Kate Bosworth with her Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag

Paris Hilton with her Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag

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Michelle L 7 years ago

Hi Linda....Beautiful bag... wish can have one:)

Iris-c 4 years ago

You know what bother me with this bag, it's expensive and it is big. I don't know whether it is a bag or a wallet. I would go for the Chanel WOC; These wallets are a bit cheaper and they are excellent as a small bag.

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    Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag

    Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag Checkbook
    Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag Checkbook

    Celebrity Chanel Handbag Spotting

    Celebrity Chanel Handbag Spotting

    Celebrity Chanel Handbag Spotting

    Chanel Bag Collection

    Chanel Information to Raise Your Fashion IQ

    You may be dying to own your very first Chanel handbag or probably you are a veteran at purchasing this luxury item and are thinking of adding another one to your collection, what binds the two of you together is the fact that you both are vulnerable to knock-offs. No one wants to lose hard-earned money to something which is virtually devoid of value, and could even land you in serious trouble. To keep you from becoming a fashion victim, below are some useful Chanel buying tips that will add more points to your Chanel IQ.

    Chanel makes use of exotic skins.

    One thing that adds to the excitement of buying a Chanel handbag is picking out what kind of luxurious and exotic skin it would be made with. While some Chanel toting individuals may allege that the fashion powerhouse does not make handbags using lambskin, this is not at all true. Chanel does create handbags using lambskin as well as calfskin. If you're thinking of purchasing a handbag that you can fairly be confident that you won't see on the next woman you bump in the mall with, then the Luxury Line bags may be more to your liking. The bags in this special line are may be made using unique skins such as buffalo and goat skin as well as deerskin.

    Chanel handbags are made in France and Italy.

    Another fashion misconception is the idea that all Chanel handbags are made exclusively in Italy and not in France. The competition is over though since all Chanel bags are made in both countries. Just like with almost everything that you think about purchasing, you should take a look at the tag on the bag and expect to find just either France or Italy on the mark.

    Chanel handbags are packaged in a unique manner.

    Part of the excitement of owning a Chanel handbag is in the packaging. All Chanel handbags have a black dust bag that you can use to store the item in. There shouldn't be any design on the handbag except for a simple 'Chanel' that is written in white. A Chanel booklet may also come with the bag. More importantly, all genuine Chanel handbags contain an embossed card with a serial number. The same serial number can also be found embossed in the interior of the bag. It's crucial that you check that both numbers match before purchasing the handbag.

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    Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and Leigh Lezark were spotted in Chanel bags for Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Spring 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week.

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