Change Your Eye Color Permanently ?!?!?

Would You Choose Vanity Over Vision ?

There is a new surgery to change the color of your eyes by placing a colored sillicone lens inside your eyes.It sounds too good to be true actually is ! what's the catch?

There is a 20-30% chance that you might go blind, are people really willing to go blind for the sake of blue/green eyes? However the end result is not natural looking color. The color looks muddy and fake! People are experiencing serious eye problems, some of the people who have gone ahead with the surgery complain severe complications.

You have to use special kind of eye drops 3 times a day for the rest of your life to control the pressure on eyes which cost $ 75 every 17 days!

The surgery was originally intended for people with cogenetic defects of the eye, but Dr.Kahn states anybody is suitable for this surgery who wants to change their eye color, which is so not true.People who have done so are now facing serious complications and are on the verge of glaucoma.

The ad for this is quite enticing, vaccation and surgery all rolled in one as this hospital is in Panama. What you can see in Panama with hurting, sore and bury eyes is another thing! The whole procedure costs more than $ 8,000.

Opthamologist Dr.Kerry Assil, who appears regularly on many major television network news programs as a pioneer in refractive surgery, is opposed to the procedure and feels the risks outweigh the rewards, risks include blindness.The shape size and the location that this lens in implanted in the eye will eventually lead to cataracts, loss of cornea, inflammation inside the eye and a severe form of glaucoma that will result in irreversible blindness.

It was reported that the patients who underwent this surgery presented with cornea cell loss, eye inflammation, pigment dispersion and elevated eye pressure.There were irregularities in the position and configuration of the implants in the eye, one patient had a pool of blood in the eye after the oprerataion.

A man named Hugo Silva who have undergone this surgery states his discomfort and bad experience saying the surgery is done quickly but the recovery isn't easy, you get headaches and your eyes feel very uncomfortable like you have sand in them.To release pressure on your eyes you have to put eye drops 3 times a day and it feels like putting alcohol in the cut. He also says his eyes look unnatural like x-men and he is experiencing a lot of harassment when he goes out, he wants to take them out but the Doctor who performs this surgery wants an additional $ 2,500 for the operating room and you have to shell out an extra $ 600 airline ticket and $ 600 for a hotel for a week, as you have to recover there.He does not recommend the surgery like so many others who have undergone this.

After more than $ 8,000 already spent in the surgery and another $ 2,000 in travelling expenses, you will be set back by an additional $ 3,500 if you want to remove them, which you definitely would want to !

A lot of people have faced serious loss of vision and terrible discomfort.

What makes people go for such risky procedures? Who sets the norms that in order to look attractive one must have a certain color eyes? why people feel pressurised to follow these good for nothing biased views? My heart goes out to them who had beautiful eyes but spoiled it all for the sake of fake vanity!

The color of your eyes doesn't make you beautiful..kindness, love and compassion shining through is what that matters and that makes you a truly beautiful person because beauty is indeed skin deep!

Severe Eye Complication And Damage Due To The Surgey

These are the pictures of a lady who went to Panama city and had the NewColorIris surgery performed on her eyes, she has removed them recently.Her eye is damaged, her pupil is non responsive and has glaucoma and cataract because of the implants.

To be taken with a pinch of salt ...

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Aqua profile image

Aqua 7 years ago from California

Wow! Are you kidding me? People actually do this? This is crazy. Why anyone would risk their sight for the sake of having a different eye color is completely beyond me - especially since colored contacts are so widely available. I have never heard of this procedure before and find it troubling that an eye doctor would actually perform it on someone who doesn't need it for medical reasons. Very interesting hub!

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank you so much Aqua, its true so many people have nearly lost their sight owing to this eye surgery.I feel so sorry for them.I wonder what pressurises people to have a certain eye color!Doctor Kahn performs these surgeries in Panama, he should be sued!!!

RedVelvet 7 years ago

Good Lord. I have looked up other pics after watching this video and I can't believe how awful it looks. Blindness and foggy ugly eyes for only 2,500. Desperation can make people do dumb stuff but I can't believe eye color was what they so desperatly wanted to change. Sad. Most people are born with the eyes that suit their features best.

Jill 7 years ago

People are pressured to change the color of their eyes because eye color is a beautiful thing.

I was really considering getting this, but now I don't think so.

Doctor's should be trying to change eye color through genetics or more natural ways, not by inserting a fake iris into the eye!

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank you for stopping by Jill, am glad u have abandoned the idea of changing your eye color! I have heard about some detox diet and laser therapy to change eye color but am not quite sure about how worthy is the info! This ruthless doctor has spoiled the lives of many...I would appreciate this info being brought under the notice of people considering this ghastly surgery!

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank u for visiting my hub Redvelvet:)yes i agree most people are born with the eyes that suit their features best, experimenting with contact lenses is one thing and harming the eyesight for the sake of vanity is another!

Barbie 6 years ago

I think this surgery is insane and I can't believe someone would go through it!I have brown eyes and I love them, I don't need to change them to be noticed...The first video is disguisting and manupulating at the end.

Edge 6 years ago

well im a person who doesn't like my eye color and im waiting for a better color than green or blue lol. It is sane not insane. Its'a not the fact of being noticed, it's how i want to look and you got to admitt that if you could change your eye color to anything you would unless you love your eyes the way they are.

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

@Barbie Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)My heart goes out to people who have gone through this procedure and have lost partial vision and the pain that they had to go through !

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

@edge perhaps if a better procedure comes up with no risk to the eyesight then one could opt for it if they don't like their eye color. But this surgery is dangerous and trading your eye sight for the sake of vanity is unthinkable!! Please take a good look of what could be the outcome of these kind of surgeries. Thanks for visiting this hub and commenting !

izal.indio 6 years ago

how much it cost.. im the one who don't like my eye color.. i wanna change it..

Leonard 6 years ago

Well, I'm one of "those people" who actually had the surgery. I had the surgery not because I wanted cool looking eyes, but because I was born with hazel eyes, and then was in horrific accident at the age of 13, which caused my eyes to turn completely white with lighter shades of gray. The treatment was actually $2400, and I paid $1100 for the airplane ticket and hotel stay. You are partially right about the eye drops, but I only used it for FOUR DAYS, not every day for the rest of my life!! I had this procedure done well over a year ago and have not had complications. I've even gone to the optometrist and was given a clean bill of health. While I was there, I met this lady from Detroit who was getting the same surgery. Since then, we've kept in contact via facebook, and she hasn't had in complications either. In conclusion, while I believe that this surgery could be a disaster in some cases, it's not always a bad thing. I would recommend this procedure for those who have eye defects and can shell out the money to have the procedure done. Just my $.02.

Satch ATACK! 6 years ago

this is super insane it looks fake and if you get them removed your eyes could look like the second video and im sure you don't want that im sorry if this offense anyone but it takes an idiot to go forward with this procedure!

ilighten 6 years ago

Anyone truly and seriously interested in safely and effectively depigmenting their irides, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Our website is currently being constructed. This is NOT a surgical procedure of ANY kind, no lasers or scapels. Our product contains all natural forms of chemicals that has been DOCUMENTED to decrease iris pigment in a gradual way. Our proprietary blend allows you to achieve your desired lightening in as little as 12 weeks.. all questions will be answered in a timely manner. If you are an Opthamologist or Optometrist and you wish to ask us questions in regards to the validity of our formulation or the safety of it, we encourage that. We do not however, wish to hear from people that are simply non-believers in this type of enhancement. Thank you for respecting our wishes.Our formulation is backed up by many years of medical research. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, NO QUESTIONS asked. We simply ask you to send a pre- and post- treatment photo. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any and all questions you may have. [email][/email]

Jayanraj 5 years ago

I was also thinking to change my eye colours from brown to green but after seeing this - NO

I love my natural eyes and I want them to see this beautiful world.

Sofi 5 years ago

This is Doctor is not a doctor he is a criminal. Many vulnerable people with healthy eye cells have had their eyes destroyed from having faith in this procedure. He should definitely be sued and have his doctor license taken off him for life.

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 5 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

I wonder how these kind of procedures still go on ! Most of the people must be aware of the dangerous consequences but still choose to play around with something so precious as eyes.Thank you Sofi for stopping by and commenting :)

iraqi 5 years ago

havnt uheard of this new doctor who says he could change eye color with laser without this contact lenses crap

profile image

stanleyjo 5 years ago

I'd never do the implants. They look fake, and the risk of injury is too high.

I understand there's a new procedure coming out in the next couple of years that uses laser to remove the brown pigment and reveal the natural blue eye underneath. It's supposed to be completely safe. I'll wait for that.

Cad 4 years ago

I was born with green eyes, and let me tell you they're not that big of a deal. Having green eyes doesn't make people stare, nor do people tell me my eyes are nice constantly. It's just a color folks, learn to live with your eyes, find something good in them, something positive. Brown eyes are beautiful too! :'D

Lola 4 years ago

ive got blue eyes and there have been a lot of times where ive wished i had brown eyes. they are prettier in my opinion and look all mysterious. for women they also suit more kinds of makeup. i feel so bad for the people who've had complications or gone blind just from wanting blue or green eyes. just get contact lenses! its an insult to the blind people in the world to care so much about a colour when there are so many other beautiful things to be seen in the world than two dots on your face.

Dan 4 years ago

No way I'll do the surgery now after reading this article. Thanks alot

Leila 4 years ago

Hi ..

Number of my eye's is 6.75

And i'm 17 .. Can i do that ?

Elz 4 years ago

That's why they make color contacts.. :/ atleast you'd only spend between 10 and a few hundred dollsrs damn...people r so ungrateful for what they are given, well. :/ It disgusts me that those doctors,scum bags, would be such con artists.. vanity and economy for you...

Nene 3 years ago

U guys this is for real this site is not lien, they did a show on this on the Tyra banks show , this Gurl went there to get her eyes blue n he mess her eyes up she could not even c her new eyes until they had to take that thing out. N also i have googled this n found this site that does it in panama n is sounds very much so like that doctor. Same price same place And everything else. This shit is dum n stupid, it's a waste of time n money!!!!

anonymous 2 years ago

Im sooooooo keeping my natural eye color. After all, its the rare eye color called black/very very very very very very very very very very very very very dark brown :3

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 2 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Hmm black ? Mysterious and beautiful ! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

insight 2 years ago

OMG you have got to be kidding me! What sane person would risk going BLIND and for what! To have some unlicensed, unknown, back alley get rich at ant means man shove a foreign object into your eyeballs! These people eyes look scary and unnatural like vampires. I read that one girl claimed that her eyes glowed in the dark like a cat after getting this done. It freaked all the people out at the night club. I have heard of people making bad decisions in their life, I have made a few. But this wins TOP prize all over Vegas and the world, it's dumb. A gross colored disk IN SIDE YOUR EYE, REALLY PEOPLE! I have seen lop sided boob jobs, boob jobs gone wrong, buttocks injections gone bad, tatoos mispelled, People becoming ill, infections occurring, hospitalizations, tears, regrets, and sorrows over these few procedures. But with this, Blindness is permanent. How do you reverse this!

Twiggy 2 years ago

If you're looking to buy these aritlces make it way easier.

RKonto 2 years ago

Overall it's worth it! Probably too soon for you though. You're still going to have some minor body chnaegs though your early 20s. I waited until my mid-20s. If your prescription has been stable for a few years though you should be good. You doctor will be able to advise.If you go to a reputable surgeon the risks are minimal, but always there. You will have to read the disclaimer packet, or at least sign off that you read it, of everything that is likely to go wrong.As to what treatment that depends on your eyesight and your doctor. If your sight is really that bad your only option may be RK, if I recall correctly. I believe that is the most aggressive treatment.As to what to expect. On the way home, If you eye-numbing drops wear out before your pill pain-killers kick in it is going to feel like someone put out cigarettes in both of your eyes. It happened to me, and I will label it as extreme discomfort just under true pain. Hopefully the valium will still be in your system and you won't care as much as you normally would. (This is the only thing I wished I was warned about that I was not) The first week or two of post operation care is a pain in the ****. Lots of eye drops, but better than getting an infection. You will probably need to keep a bottle of re-wetting drops on-hand for about 5-7 months after the surgery. My doc put me on Restasis for two weeks before my surgery to really get the tear production going into overdrive. I think this helped quite a bit with getting over the dry-eye factor after the surgery.

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