Cheap Wedding Rings for Men

No bride groom would want to be considered a cheapskate in the marriage department especially when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring for his fiance. However men generally consider themselves last in line when the expenses run high and the budget runs thin. That's when they feel the need to skimp on their own wedding rings. Cheap wedding rings for men does not necessarily mean that they need be cheap looking. There are many well designed and good-looking wedding rings that are under $100. These are generally made from inexpensive alternative metals like titanium, stainless steel and sterling silver.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium rings look very manly, are light weight, and relatively inexpensive compared to precious metals like gold, platinum and palladium. You can even have a small diamond mounted in the center and still have your ring be under $200 which is really not much for a man's wedding ring.The problem with titanium is that it cannot be sized to your finger size at any jewelers shop.It must be ordered in your exact size and god forbid if you put on weight or lose weight and your finger becomes bigger or smaller you would have to re-order the same ring in the new size and throw away the old ring.

Mens Sterling Silver Wedding Rings

Sterling Silver is also great material from which to make cheap wedding rings for men. Sterling Silver is a bit more expensive than titanium is a pure metal but it is much easier to work with and can definitely be sized at any jeweler's shop. It may not have the sharp and manly gun metal gray good looks of titanium but it is definitely a white metal and most men are leaning towards white metals when it comes to their wedding rings. Sterling Silver does take on a slightly dingy off-white coloration as it oxidizes giving it a vintage look after a period of time. Some men like this look but most men would prefer their silver wedding ring to be rhodium plated to a purer white.

Stainless Steel Wedding bands

As far as cheap wedding bands for men go, stainless steel is by far the most cost-effective metal from which to fabricate a man's wedding ring. Stainless steel will not tarnish, is hypoallergenic, and is a pure white on par with Palladium. It also has a bit more heft to it compared to titanium. Unlike titanium it can be sized but not all jewelers are willing to size a stainless steel ring. Stainless steel is also combined with sterling silver and titanium in the same ring to arrive at some beautiful juxtapositions of color in the same ring. These rings can be difficult to size since all three metals are combined into the same shank. Also if titanium is used in the same ring, then the ring definitely cannot be sized but has to be ordered in the exact size.

Wedding Band Designers

Inexpensive wedding rings for men need not look cheap. This is evidenced by the many designers that use these alternative metals in their designs like Eddie Mirrell and David Yurman. Although their wedding rings are not exactly inexpensive, you can still find similar looking merchandise online from no-name designers that are available with even small bits of gold in it for couple hundred dollars.

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