Where to Find Inexpensive Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girl dresses are not area to splurge. Most likely the flower girl will never wear the dress again, and will probably spill cake or punch all over it by the end of the night. Also, flower girl dresses are usually simple and not over the top. All eyes are will be on the cute girl, and she'll make any dress look absolutely darling.

So the key is to find cheap flower girl dresses. Quality is sort of important. You don't want the dress to start fraying or anything, but it doesn't have to be the best made garment to look great. Luckily, several inexpensive flower girl dresses options are out there.

Shop Online

By shopping online you can price compare at many stores. Think outside the box and don't just check bridal store websites. Look at places like Amazon.com and eBay as well. Both of these feature dresses for cheaper than a lot of places.

Just make sure to carefully read any return policy before buying online. You might get a dress that looks different than the picture or doesn't fit and be stuck with it.

Also, look at shipping costs. Buying online can be more expensive than buying in person if the store charges high shipping costs. 

Any Old Thing Will Do

When a dress is called a flower dress, it automatically becomes more expensive. Instead of looking just at flower girl dresses, consider looking for dresses for little girls in general. Spring time, particularly around Easter is a wonderful time to look because the dresses are light, or even white like often worn in a wedding. 

Many times the parents of the flower girl buy the dress, so it's important to realize what they're price range is and to limit financial demands to what they can actually afford. That might mean looking for a dress that doesn't match the bridesmaid dresses exactly or that's a bit different than you'd imagined. 


If you sew, often making a dress at home will save you money. You have control over the materials and can spend as much or as little as you want on fabrics. 

You might be able to slightly change a dress to make it work like adding ribbons or tiny flowers in your wedding theme colors to an inexpensive dress. 

Sometimes it's cheaper to have a seamstress make a dress as well, especially if you want something specialized. 

Get a Deal

Flower girl dresses do go on sale, so keep an eye out for sale dresses that will work for your needs. Also dresses that have been returned and have a slight imperfection might be offered for cheaper. 

The best time to look for a flower girl dress on sale is just before winter in the fall months. Weddings usually happen in the summer and spring and at the end of the summer, some stores try to reduce inventory to make way for other things.


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