Choosing Between Gold, White Gold, and Platinum For Your Engagement Ring

Hot To Choose Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is something that is chosen after glancing through a lot of variety, choices and brands. Earlier engagement rings were known to be made of the yellow metal for traditional weddings. Recently, the trend has been replaced by the silver metallic white gold & platinum. Knowing the differences between each is the key to your decision on choosing the one right for your choice.

When You Go With Gold

The precious yellow metal has been a classic choice for engagement rings at all times. The metal being delicately soft in its purest form (24 Carat) is often alloyed with other metals, the ratio of which determines its carat weight & purity. Gold is an ideal choice for those with warmer skin tones. Beware that any purity less than 14K (58% gold content) is not recommended for use in engagement rings. If you prefer a deep yellow, 18K (75% gold content) exhibits the rich coloring than does 14K. Another reason for choosing gold is that this metal can always be exchanged with newer designs. There is no such thing as gold will weaken after some time. Buying gold is also considered an investment, be it heavy jewelry or an engagement ring. However, if you are a budget shopper, go for a 14K which is ideally used as white gold.

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

When you go with White Gold

To introduce briefly, white gold is made by mixing gold with silver or palladium. If you ever thought the reason behind the silvery shine, it is none of the constituent elements but the rhodium coating that attributes it.

If you like the off-white yellowish color but without the shine of yellow gold, simply exclude the extra coating. White gold typically consists of 75% or less of precious metal. A key thing to know while choosing white gold is that it will need frequent servicing with new rhodium coatings as it wears off with time. Having something is white gold is now a fashion and with the new brands and extra-satisfying designs of rings and all kinds of jewelry, white gold is treated as a better choice.

With everything good, comes a drawback and in this case it is the resale value. Most of us would know that buying real good quality of white gold brings in a big bill but still the resale value would not probably match yellow gold. In a better opinion, it is always better to ensure the resale value before you buy. White gold often goes with colored stones or the diamonds. Yes, white gold and diamonds, best of friends, make the best choice for any party. They give that stylish, superior yet elegant look on your best day.

When You Go with Platinum

Expensive yet ideal; girl’s new best friend, platinum is slowly gaining pace in the market today. It is stronger than gold and reflects a silvery shine that comes naturally off it.

Choosing anything platinum, guarantees lifetime brilliance of your engagement ring without requiring any kind of servicing or plating.

The fact that it constitutes around 95% of purity is a promise of quality and value for money. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. Platinum makes the premier choice for engagement rings for the simple reason that it is pure, rare and eternal.

Besides gold, white gold and platinum, there are also other metals like Titanium which are bought in the occasion of engagements. Often, metals are alloyed with others that yield stunning shades of colors. In the end, it’s you, your personality, budget and choice that decide the type of engagement ring which is right for you

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