Citrus Essential Oil

Bergamot and Blood Oranges
Bergamot and Blood Oranges

Bergamot essential oil: A Medditterian citrus fruit, originating from the city of Calabria. Used to flavor the famous Earl Grey tea. This aromatic fruit is unique with a distinguished scent and flavor.

Blood Orange essential oil: The scent of this red fleshed variety of orange is radiant, fruity, tangy. Properties identical to sweet orange essential oil.

Clementine essential oil: Clementines are named after Pierre Clement, who crossed the orange and the mandarin to create Clementines. In aromatherapy clementine essential oil is used to revitalize, and reduce stress. This essential oil is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used in products intended for children.

Pink Grapefruit essential oil: This fruit is valued for it uplifting aroma, and is therapeutically popular for cleansing and purifying oily, congested skin. Pink grapefruit is also said to be effective as a natural cellulite treatment and is used in many commercial products for that purpose. The smell of pink grapefruit is a little lighter and sweeter than white grapefruit, the therapeutic qualities are very similar.

White Grapefruit essential oil: White grapefruit has similar therapeutic qualities to pink grapefruit, with a bitter, green and refreshing citrus aroma that is similar in taste to the fruit.

Key Lime essential oil: A very therapeutically useful essential oil, Key Lime oil can be useful when diffused in the air during cold and flu season. In aromatherapy it is said to increase mental clarity and ease lethargy. The aroma of Key Lime is fresh, strongly citrus, and spicy.

Lemon essential oil: Lemon is an antiseptic oil and is useful for treating cuts, burns and boils. Lemon oil is also very popular in all natural household cleaners. The aroma is clean, cool and fresh. Scientific research in aromatherapy has shown the smell of lemon oil aids the mind's ability to concentrate.

Lime essential oil: Lime has long been used in the creation of men's aftershave and other perfumery products. The fragrance of lime oil is crisp, revitalizing and helps to clear the mind.

Mandarin essential oil: Mandarin is a citrus fruit that originated from the Far East. The aroma can be described as a softly sweet, sparkling citrus aroma. Mandarin is most often utilized for it's fragrance, and as a flavoring agent. 

Bitter Orange essential oil: Properties are almost identical to that of the sweet orange, with the exception of the fragrance which is sweet, with a bitter grapefruit note.

Sweet Orange essential oil: In aromatherapy sweet orange is valued for it's ability to lift depression, as well as fight colds, brighten the skin, and deodorize the body. Orange essential oil is also valued for being an anti-septic.

Yuzu Foot Bath
Yuzu Foot Bath

Petitgrain essential oil: This essential oil is a distillation of the leaves, twigs and sometimes flowers of the bitter orange tree. It is used cosmetically to benefit oily, acne prone skin. In aromatherapy petitgrain essential oil can also be useful to calm anger and emotional outbursts. The aroma of petitgrain essential oil is green and lightly floral. 

Tangerine essential oil: The nature of this citrus' scent is soothing, with a tangy warming citrus aroma. In aromatherapy it is useful to clear the mind and ground the emotions.

Yuzu essential oil: Yuzu is a citrus from Asia, the fragrance of this fruit resembles a combination of citron and grapefruit. Yuzu is commonly used in cooking as a flavoring. For aromatherapy the Yuzu is widely used in Thailand for massage therapy and in Japanese traditional herbal medicine.

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Mrs asif 5 years ago

tell me quickly they are available in town supermarkets like tesco besides amazon?i want pink grapefruit for you for this hub

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crescentaurora1 5 years ago from Alameda, CA Author

Hello, thank you very much! Citrus essential oils are usually available at your local health food store. They can also be purchased for a less expensive wholesale price. I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs( and Camden Grey Essential Oils( as the two best online retailers for essential oils.

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mylife=adventure 5 years ago from Wisconsin

Great Hub! I have to see if I find the Lime one...My mind can always use a little clarity. Thanks for sharing!

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