Coach Handbags: Making a Change in 2010 Fall Fashion

There are a few things a girl could not go without this fall: an updated little black dress, a Cashmere v-neck cardigan, a pair of skinny jeans and a Coach Handbag. Okay, so some women could get by with last year's clothing, but a new Coach Handbag is a must, without question because they are trendier every year and the best built bag on the planet. The colors are bolder and it's just something a girl's got to have.

There are several different types of Coach Handbag styles available this fall, some of them direct from the hottest television shows like Gossip Girl and the latest Sex in the City movie. As a college student, one wants to be stylish and hip, yet doesn't want to break the bank to look good. Shopping around on the Internet for the best prices on Coach Handbags is a great way to look ones best and not feel the pinch in the matching wallet.

This year's Coach Handbags are bags come in a rainbow of colors, each with brass accents. These colors are hot, bold and lighter than what one might think. There are the traditional collections of Kristin, Madison, Mia, Hamptons and Alexandra collections, one more exciting then the next. They are satchels, hobo, clutches, totes, shoulder and cross shoulder bags.

One of the newest arrivals at the Coach Handbags this season is the Poppy Tartan glam tote which features graffiti in the lower right hand corner and eye-popping purples and pinks. The new cross shoulder bags that everyone seems to be sporting this season as a way to carry everything they need without compromising their posture will distribute the weight of the bag evenly over a woman's body and very stylishly.

The Coach shoulder bags are the very best backpacks made for women. They are the most stylish of backpacks because they are made by Coach and they have pockets galore. There is a pocket for everything and anything, keys, makeup, wallet, calculator, books, cell phone, water bottle, notebooks, lunch bag, drawing paper and pencils, just about everything a student would need or want. The brown graphic one goes will all the outfits one would own and even matches most of the shoes a girl has.

The Coach Handbag Company not only makes the sturdiest, long lasting and stylish handbags, they make trendy shoes, hip sunglasses and beautiful jewelry.

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Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, now you have made me want to go out and buy one! lol I like the American west retro one, but it's a bit too expensive! mind you I carry the kitchen sink in mine now, because it is too full, or so I am told! lolI had better get a smaller one! cheers nell

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