Comfortable Cotton Bras For Men

I recently received a question on the He Wears Panties forum regarding comfortable bras for men. As the reader noted, men tend to perspire more than women, and combined with snug synthetic fabric many pretty womens bras are made from, this is a recipe for discomfort and even rashes.

Well, there is a solution to this problem, and this is the cotton bra. Cotton bras are much better at absorbing moisture than fabrics like nylon. Another alternative would, surprisingly enough, be silk. Silk is also able to wick away a great deal of moisture from the skin and hold it, much like cotton.

This article will be dedicated purely to cotton however, in the interests of providing even a semblance of a fair profile of cotton brassieres which are available to the man who wears bras.

VS Cotton

You may not have known this, but Victoria's Secret have a whole line of cotton bras. Let's just say that perspiration isn't only an issue for men, and many women enjoy the crisp, clean feeling of cotton against their skin.

The Victoria's Secret cotton bra range includes unlined, full coverage bras, demi bras, racerback bras and even a push up bra or two. Refer to the pictures accompanying this section of the article for visual detail as to how these bras look.

I'd recommend Victoria's Secret to a man looking for a nice cotton bra because their range is reasonably priced and they use fairly good quality fabrics selected for having a good touch against the skin. There's also a very wide range of colors and cuts available in cotton, unlike some other manufacturers who take the demand for cotton bras as being some mission from God to bleach everything in sight.


Hanes makes an interesting range of cotton bras, and although you may very well be put off by the rampant display of bland that their range seems to embrace, there are some treasures among the pack.

One of these treasures is the Glamorize Stretch Cotton bra, which actually includes some lace along with the cotton construction. A lot of lace, at that. I think most men who wear lingerie will enjoy both the look and sensation of this bra.

They also make a rather plain, but interesting front hook closure bra. It's a leisure bra, which I take to mean that it didn't quite meet the requirements for a sports bra, but it is nevertheless quite snug and offers some measure of support. The fact that the front hook closure features no less than four hooks indicates strongly that it was designed with support in mind.

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ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

The VS Demi Bra looks sweet!

khunting1 7 years ago

Thanks Hope. I ordered the grape soda push-up today after you suggested cotton.

EctomorphGuy profile image

EctomorphGuy 7 years ago

The only way to go is "no-wire."

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iwhcpanties 7 years ago

I'll take a 44B please!

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