Coming Soon! Skirts For Men

You laughed when we said that men should be able to wear the same sort of clothes as women. You scoffed, saying men were too clunky to wear skirts and other forms of feminine attire. You thought the fashion landscape you were born into somehow reflected ultimate reality. You were wrong, so wrong, and skirts for men are now bubbling onto the catwalks of the fashion world.

As go the catwalks, so go the couture shops, the designer boutiques and eventually, yes, Target and Wal Mart. Before long, men's skirts will be common place amongst Westerners, and no doubt the same people who scoff today and whine “think of the children,” will be those buying their husband a new double pleated a line denim skirt for his birthday in a decade or so.

In January 2009, designers caught up with the trend that has been percolating here since 2007, and major fashion designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gautier and Alexander McQueen launched men's skirts onto the runway.

Of course, we should perhaps not get too over confident, men tried in the 80's to capture the skirt market, but failed, ironically at a time when women were dressing more in more masculine fashions than ever. That's right, at a time where ladies' shoulder pads made them look more buff than the Governator of California, men slunk away from the skirts and instead barricaded the gender defense lines where women were pouring in like Mongolian hordes.

It's now 2009, and in between frozen protein bars and facial injections which paralyze them for the sake of looking expressionless and therefore, beautiful, women have retreated from the domain of men (no doubt after finding that it was kind of smelly and hadn't changed its socks in several decades.)

In the mean time though, men have been launching sneaky incursions into women's fashion territory. Countless men secretly wear women's lingerie, so much so that many major lingerie retailers are now acknowledging the fact openly.

They have been surrounding women's fashion slowly, but surely from the perimeter, whilst ladies thoughtlessly bleached their brains blonde and giggled over their mocha lattes. Now the designers have arrived at the battle front, and though some might wail and complain, in many respects, the battle is already won.

So keep your eyes peeled, chaps and chapettes, skirts for men are bound to be appearing at a store near you any day now.

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Misha profile image

Misha 7 years ago from DC Area

LOL I like the last pic the best ;)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Damn Misha, you're incredibly fast.. like a hub ninja I didn't see you coming... it almost seems like your comment was here before the hub was...

Misha profile image

Misha 7 years ago from DC Area

I'm just stalking you, didn't you notice? :P

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Only a ninja can sneak up on another ninja...

negacrowbar profile image

negacrowbar 7 years ago from Inglewood, California

I couldn't see myself wearing a long skirt, but i have wanted a custome made kilt for awhile, but the darn things are so expensive

profile image

Gunnau 7 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

Hi Hope

Marc Jacobs could be a becon on fashion hope in a sea of trousers but for some reason, as much as he adores skirts and that can be seen above in the Red Tartan number, said this year he had no plans to design a mens skirt.

I've said it before that we could really get some change if the designers got behind the trend of alternative mens fashions instead of treating it like a novelty.

Some guys may look funny in them but no funnier than some women.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Marc Jacobs may not have done so, but plenty of other top designers are...

Nanciboy 7 years ago

Oh my. No comment on the first picture. I've seen Russian Orthodox priests (monks?) in my neighborhood that look like the second. I've seen kilts in the window of a Scottish goods store in town like the third. Except they often pair them with a shirt/blouse with ruffles on the front that I would die for. Now the fourth picture. I have a skirt or two that length that I would love to wear out. Forever21 has even more that I have resisted buying so far. One more thought - I hope to G_d he shaved his legs. Nothing worse than hairy legs in a skirt. :-)

Regarding your comment about major retailers acknowledging that men are buying and wearing lingerie - I've noticed that Macy's web site has many reviews of panties posted by self identified men. Useful comments on how they meet a man's different needs.

Eric 7 years ago

I wear a camo skirt I got from Torrid in guy mode and it looks very manly and I have gotten good comments and no bad ones.. It is time for men in skirts!

jxb7076 profile image

jxb7076 7 years ago from United States of America

Sexy dress for men! I am trying to wrap my thoughts around this concept and I am having a very dissicult time doing it.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

I have three words for you jxb7076.. Free Your Mind

Tomgeekery profile image

Tomgeekery 7 years ago

Fashion designers have been doing skirts for men for years. Unfortunately, it always seems to be taken as a joke. Even odd celebrities wearing skirts (eg. David Beckham) haven't seemed to influence anyone.

I have my opinions on why this is the case, but I don't want to bore anyone with that here (or take over this hub with my comments.)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Oh no, please do elaborate dear Tom :)

Tomgeekery profile image

Tomgeekery 7 years ago

Okay dear Hope, here's my theory.

Men, as a whole are scared of being seen as anything other than "masculine". This is because masculinity is such a fragile thing that admitting to enjoying a "chick flick" would destroy it forever. Let alone being seen wearing a skirt. There is such irony that masculinity, a trait associated with stength, is instantly dispelled by femininity.

This is also one of the reasons why fringe cultures such as goth and punk can get away with it. They are already outside of the accepted norms so it doesn't make any difference.

It seems we need a stronger masculinity. One that isn't about activities or clothes. But that doesn't happen overnight. I think women are still often not considered feminine because they wear pants and work in a traditionally male job. Of course she still is.

Maybe the idea of being masculine is more strongly entrenched to see it overturned. Maybe there isn't enough motivation for men to want to wear skirts. Fashion designers and celebrities touting skirts are going to be considered jokes until many more men realize it isn't what they wear that them a man.

SatinJenni profile image

SatinJenni 7 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

I'd wear a skirt for men, simply make them available and I'll buy one, or two or three....make my shaved legs look better than in a pair of shorts

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

There are a couple of very chic Parisian shops that I have seen selling skirts for men. They are not only very pretty but also expensive, so only a minority can afford it. There is also a group called "Hommes en jupe" who strive to make skirts acceptable on the work place just as women battled for wearing trousers a few decades ago.

Personally I find a man in a kilt very sexy as long as he has a strong personality and shapely enough legs to wear it.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the tips, Princessa!

mara 7 years ago

Yes, recently I saw at ........... men skirts, two different styles. I looked around and found similar skirts in womens department, less than half of the price, just without a belt.

I think if you know what you like to wear, just check women's departments, too. I think it will be worth. I like to see more men in skirts, men wearing a skirt are looking very differently, handsome. I don't know how it come, I never thought that I would like to see men in skirts, but they are so unique, maybe proud, maybe self-confident..... hard to tell, but exiting.

jxb7076 profile image

jxb7076 7 years ago from United States of America

I am working on it! :)

Freestyler 7 years ago

I'm a guy who have been wearing skirts for year and I really only get positive comments. I recently bought one from Midas Clothing and it's super cool.

Bess 7 years ago

It seems that men do not/have not hide anymore that they want to wear skirts, and interesting comments popping up. Great. I think the first step is done: To agree what the body tells and not just the society. When I was in a museum and saw pictures 200 or more years ago men only wore skirts and kind of dresses, but the mechanization made men uniform, sterotyp. They were just like a toy or puppets, nothing more. Now they are coming back on track and I can't wait to see more new creations in case of skirt on men.

Martin 7 years ago

The new skirts for men already arrived in the latest fashion trend show for men last Saturday, 06/27/09. Comments:Very fashionable, wearable for all occassions, absolute comfortable, were the statements from some famous personalities.

Men just have to wear it, have to try it.

Christine 7 years ago

I can't wait to see more skirted men, looking great. I hope more men will folllow this sign to do a little bit more for their outfit and at least for their health because one thing is very true: Only skirts can fit male's bodies correctly. Pants are always in some way difficult for men private area.

David 61 7 years ago

aside from the fashion sense,I find that female atire often solves several problem areas men have always been faced with in very practical applications such as: A nylon brief with sturdy elastic bands at the waist and leg openings, give much better support than cotton briefs or support devices designed for men,they are cooler and much more efficient at shedding moisture in a high perspiration environment. Support hose {pantyhose}with cotton panel removed gives added support for those who are on their feet for long hours,helps reduce vericose veins, and gives aditional support to abdominal muscles for those that do heavy lifting. I personly would love to wear skirts,for the added air flow on hot days [job permitting]. I'm not sure about the flowery designs,more into the simple [ little black dress] or other solid colors.{more manly }if you will.

Martin 7 years ago

David61; Men can wear skirts and dresses, and I am doing it - daily. I have to wear heavy support stockings (hose) and those tights wearing under pants is impossible - it is the best torture tool ever. So I chose skirts. All skirts can be worn by men, but the man must be a man, straight and manly. Most men are like that, so no problems at all.

Job permitted? What is the most and important question for a person and employee? Stay healthy, so it was never a question for my employer, just one thing they told me: Be confident.

Bess 7 years ago

Congratulations to you, Martin. Nothing to add. Great hope to see manly skirted men - unfortunately not yet in our area.

Uncle Pete 7 years ago

First time that I saw it: Men in skirted suit, completed with bow-tie. I don't know who he was but he was the center of the party, somehow.

JohnA 7 years ago

I wear skirts all the time. Deium and old glory w?man type pockets. I have had no complants about what I wear.

kimberjim 7 years ago

I really like that oufit in the first photo.Given the chance I would wear it in a heartbeat..

Doug 6 years ago

Time will tell if skirts go unisex in the mainstream. Over the years, a number of celebrities have worn them, but it hasn't caught on (yet). Mick Jagger and Axel Rose come to mind.

As soon as I see skirts in the menswer department, I'm going to buy a bunch, regardless of what they look like, just to encourage the trend. For now, I'm happy shopping inthe women's department.

I think Marc Jacobs is hot, go MJ!

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