Converse Boots

Converse Boots are made by Converse, in case you are wondering. Converse is a US company who has been making shoes since the start of the 20th century and since the company has been taken over by Nike, they have expanded their production facilities overseas and have closed their US factories. Not only that, Converse has expanded into various boot wear than just Converse basketball shoes. Converse have become more innovative and have devoted a lot of resources in R&D. Other than designing sports shoes, Converse has also designed more footwear such as the wacky Japanese Converse All Star Boots and now military tactical boots. Converse now makes military combat boots, tactical boots and desert boots for security forces as well as the military footwear enthusiast.

Quality and Comfort

Using their experience of making shoes of more than a century, Converse is able to make high quality foot wear using full grain leather, high quality denier nylon uppers with slip resistant outsoles. They have also incorporated their Converse Shock Eliminator technology and their Footforce comfort insole into their boot design so that the impact is reduced to the wearer’s feet and that arch support and heel stabilization is provided to the wearer against prolonged standing. There are many user testimonials to especially for the arch support and heel stabilization, which many wearers have feedback that they experienced less fatigue after changing to Converse boots. Security Professionals are prone to long hours of standing and if you search for feedback on Converse boots, you will be able to find many favorable comments from law enforcement and military personnel who are very happy with their new Converse boots.

Tactical and Combat Boots

In the past, law enforcement and military personnel did not benefit from the research and development of sports shoes which received much more attention and investment as competitive sports have high return in investments. In more recent years, these technologies have made their way into the protective footwear department for security professionals. Incorporating better comfort and protection, there are also a greater variety for military and police officers to choose from. Specific footwear for different occasions is also available. There are Converse boots designed for comfort without sacrificing comfort, there are boots that protect the wearer from the cold or prevent accumulation of heat and there are boots that are water sealed that protect the wearer from toxic chemicals from the environment such as a crime scene for example. Converse tactical boots have given a much greater choice for policemen and soldiers.

Converse Tactical Boots

The current favorite among Converse boots fans is the C8877, the Converse Side Zip Tactical Boot. It is an 8 inch tall boot that has a side zip for rapid donning and it has a protection level that exceeds that ANSI Z41 standards. To protect your feet, the Converse tactical boots comes with the “StarGuard” waterproof membrane to keep out the water, removable Footforce comfort insole for better support and also the shock eliminator for heel cushioning. The only thing short is the steel toe, which is not a commonly featured sought after by police officers, whereas the C8874 comes with the non-metallic ANSI Class 75 safety toe. Security officers who had tried the C8877 and the C8874 had reviewed that the boot felt lightweight and provided comfort even after long hours of wearing. It almost felt like a high end tennis shoe with the protection of military combat boots. This is the premier Converse military boots.

Converse Desert Boots

To operate in the desert, Converse had also designed a desert boots. The Converse C8895, C8896 and C8893 are popular desert boots. The same level of ANSI Z41 protection is offered in the desert boots and there are as many options for the Converse desert boots are they are in the conventional tactical boots. Of course the main client groups in recent years are officers, soldiers and other personnel who went to Iraq and Afghanistan. The feedback from the wearers has been equally good and Converse has done a great job incorporating their sportswear technology into footwear that can help our military fight in the desert terrain.  Converse desert boots are also available for women and similar excellent feedbacks for the Converse military desert boots have been received from the female wearers.

The Converse tactical boots are also available in the smaller 6 inches high model. These are mid sized boots like that of the Converse hi boot or the boot mid, but comes with the protection of the tactical boots. These hi boot or boot mid are especially comfortable for offices who have to operate within the city and there are also people who purchased these short versions for day to day wear to fight against the daily train commute. The Converse tactical boots is a good design, incorporating modern design and protection into a old need by security and military professionals.

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