Cool Swimsuits

To The Beach I Go

Going to the beach doesn't have to be boring. Just wear one of these suits and you will be the focus of attention. Just be warned, it may not be the attention you are looking for.

Jaws vs. Little Mermaid

Scare The Children

Wearing this at the beach will be interesting. Little kids will be crying all day once they realize the Little Mermaid is about to be devoured by Jaws. So if you hate kids or are just in a mood, wear this suit and you'll have hours of fun.

Vintage Cat Swimsuit by Fiorucci

Not My Chest Please

Most men will be staring at your chest no matter what suit you wear. Put this baby on and they may think twice. Seeing this cat staring back at you may force a guy to look at your face when speaking to you.

Tuxedo swimsuit

When You Need to Go Formal

So you are going to the ritzy beach club and you want to fit in. Nothing says it better then this tuxedo swimsuit. You'll blend right in with the rich and famous.

Just be careful, they may think you are the help and put you to work!

I'm Hungry

Pack A Lunch?

Why pack a beach lunch when you can wear it? This lettuce suit is fit for human consumption.

My advice is to eat lunch at the nude beach. The regular beach may be offended with your naked body after lunch.

Bottle Betty suits

You never know when that hunk wants to open his beer. What better way then to use your swimsuit. This suit comes with it's own bottle opener.

Bottle Betty suits have a patent pending built in bottle opener on the top and on the bottom that replace the usual swimwear accent pieces,


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