Cosmetic Surgery Prices: The Cost of Plastic Surgery

Let’s face it, not everyone is born with a body like a supermodel. In the real world, even supermodels aren’t always born with perfect bodies. Sometimes life isn’t fair, that’s why man created cosmetic surgery. Stubborn fat and a leftover baby pudge sometimes get in the way of our ideal body image. Deciding to get some work done is a big decision. Outside of actually making that decision and recovery time there is also the sometime hefty chunk of change that must be dished out in order to have that perfect body. In this article, I’ll share with you the average cosmetic surgery prices for the top 5 cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and the tummy tuck procedure.

Prices for cosmetic surgery vary due to your geographical location, your surgeons’ expertise, the facility fees, and the procedure you are having done. These figures should be used as a starting point. Talk to a surgeon in your area to find out specifics.


Cosmetic Surgery Prices: Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the top cosmetic procedures done in the U.S. Although you may be tempted to go for an advertised discounted price, these fees do not usually include the full price for your surgery. Many times advertised low breast augmentation prices do not include anesthesia and facility prices in this lower quoted price. When deciding on a surgeon, choose one that has expertise not only in general cosmetic surgery but also in breast augmentation. Prices that seem too low maybe a sign that your surgeon cannot be trusted with “your girls.”

The cost for breast implants varies depending on a number of things. Your surgeons’ fee, anesthesia, the facility fee and the type of implants you choose are the main factors that make the difference in pricing. The average cost for breast implants is in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $10,000. If cost is an issue, ask your surgeon about financing for breast augmentation.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices: Liposuction

Liposuction is another very popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. Women and men from all over the country are lining up to have fat removed from their tummy, hips, waist, thighs, and chin. There are a number of different types of liposuction, talk to your surgeon about what’s best for you before deciding on the “cheaper” way.

Liposuction prices are tallied up in a few different ways. Your surgeon may calculate the cost by the time it takes to complete the surgery, the amount of fat that is removed, or by the number of procedures done in a single surgery. Knowing which way your surgeon adds up what you owe will help you from being shocked when you see the final figures. On average liposuction costs between $1500 to $7500 in the United States.

Here are the averages for the top liposuction areas:

Chin & Neck: $2000-$5000

Upper and Lower Abdomen: $3000-$7500

Hips and Waist: $1800-$5500

Inner Thighs including Knees: $2500-$5000

Outer Thighs: $2500-$5000

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Cosmetic Surgery Prices: Rhinoplasty

It’s one of the most frequented cosmetic surgeries for celebrities, it’s rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, or the nose reshaping surgery, can reshape your nose for a more eye appealing appearance. It can also reconstruct your nasal cavity to improve your breathing. When deciding on a surgeon, choose one that has expertise in all cosmetic facial surgery, specifically rhinoplasty. If you choose a surgeon with little knowledge or expertise in facial surgery you could end up with a worse looking nose then what you started out with.

The cost for rhinoplasty varies depending on the extent of your procedure. If you are trying to fix a slightly pointed nose your cost will be dramatically lower than a total reconstruction or reshaping of your nose. On average rhinoplasty costs anywhere from $2000 to $8500 depending on a number of things such as geographic location, your surgeons expertise, the type of procedure done, and the time and work it takes to complete the procedure. Rhinoplasty may be covered by your insurance if it is deemed a health issue because of a breathing problem.


Cosmetic Surgery Prices: Blepharoplasty

Another top procedure done every year is blepharoplasty or simply the eyelid surgery. This surgery is used to remove puffy bags under your eyes and extra skin from the upper eyelid. While this is considered primarily a cosmetic surgery it can also improve the sight in older patients whose sagging upper lids restrict their vision. Select a surgeon who is experienced in facial plastic surgery procedures for the best results.

As with all other cosmetic procedures, cosmetic eye surgery prices vary depending on your location, your surgeons’ expertise, and the procedures you choose to have done. On average this surgery costs around $3200. Some eye lid surgery procedures may be mandatory for health reasons and may be covered by your insurance. Some of these health related issues are ectropion, entropion, physical trauma, and skin cancer, so be sure to speak with your health insurance company.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After

Be careful when deciding on your surgeon, the best price doesn't always ensure the highest quality of work.
Be careful when deciding on your surgeon, the best price doesn't always ensure the highest quality of work. | Source

Cosmetic Surgery Prices: Abdominoplasty

Last but not least is the widely known tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty. The tummy tuck procedure helps reduce the appearance of loose skin, stretch marks, and picks up the abdomen that is sometimes caused by aging, obesity, and pregnancy. Be sure to choose a surgeon that knows all about abdominal surgery procedures.

The cost for a tummy tuck varies, but generally will cost you between $3000 to $8500. If your procedure takes long and you have a higher amount of fat and skin to be removed, your bill will be higher. Another thing that can make your cost higher is where your surgery takes place. If you have your work done in a hospital and have to stay overnight your out of pocket cost will be more expensive than a person that had their procedure done in an outpatient setting.

No matter what cosmetic surgery procedure you have done it’s important to pick the right surgeon for the job. You can never be too careful with your body and health on the line. Also, always know what you are getting into before agreeing on a surgery. If your surgeon is secretive, or tries to convince you to have another procedure done, tell him to take a hike. Prices of cosmetic surgery can be overwhelming at time just remember, you want to get the best price, but you also need a great surgeon to work his magic.

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