I agree that "Cosmetic Surgery serves only the needs of the vain"

Cosmetic Surgery Part 1 - Agreeing That Cosmetic Surgery Serves Only The Needs of The Vain

Cosmetic Surgery is designed to improve and enhance one's body and looks. People who go for cosmetic surgery are normal and healthy people like you and me. One of their main reason is to have a better personal image.

Therefore, I agree to a large extent that cosmetic surgery serves only the needs of the vain. Most people are curious about their looks and are bothered by it. Through cosmetic surgery, they are able to obtain the "perfect" looks they desire. Most people are pleased with themselves after going through cosmetic surgery. This is supported by a website entitled "Why do people get cosmetic surgery?". On that particular site, it states that in between the year 1992 and 1998 alone, the number of cosmetic surgery procedures held in the United States alone has increased by more than one hundred and fifty percent [150%].

Cosmetic surgery is most popular in the californication world/land of Hollywood, where countless of actors and actresses go for cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. By doing so, they will eventually get the most possible wanted attention of the media and paparazzi and thus achieve the fame and glory. This is one of the reason which drives actors and actresses to go through cosmetic surgery. To quote, one such of an example, is the infamous singer, the father of pop, "Michael Jackson" himself. He went through a full dosmetic surgery.

Unfortunately, the trend is soon spreading to the general population. Fans who idolise their favourite actors and actresses will start following in their footsteps to look like their idols. With more actors and actresses going for cosmetic surgery and improving their looks, the standard of beauty has increased and become a lot harsher for everyone.

Magazines, newspapers, bulletins and television shows showcase "beautiful" people and this adds to the pressure to make one's self look like Hollywood image. Thus, beauty is like a competition among women today. Everyone wants to be the prettiest in town. Therefore, cosmetic surgery is seen as a way to achieve this. This is because, cosmetic surgery can let a person possess youthful and pleasant looks. Nobody wants to look old nowadays.

Others go for cosmetic surgery to be accepted in a group. Let's say that a girl wants to be popular and be accepted into the popular group, she has to look good. People like her who desires attention will go to all odds to get what they want.

With affordable and convenient air travel [also thanks to the introduction of budget airlines too], this is no longer a major consideration as countries such as Thailand, are now able to offer the same procedure at half the cost. With the decreasing price rate of cosmetic surgery, more people are starting to go for it. Not for the medical reason but mainly to enhance their body either for competition, acceptance or attention.

Therefore, I agree to a large extent that cosmetic surgery serves only the needs of the vain.



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Diego 7 years ago

I agree I and I'm gettin cosmetic surgery myself. Since when being vain it's a a sin? I knoe the Biblia says so but that's like sooooo old

Shakuntala 7 years ago

I totally agree to this opinion. However, the confidence gained from your looks is tremendous. This will certainly be reflected in the career and what ever they do.

Unni 7 years ago

I diagree that it is only the vain who goes for cosmetic surgery. It is to boost the self confidence often people go for cosmetic corrections. To another individual this may be 'vain'. I can compare this to a person who is overweight and is going to the gym to work out to loose weight and have six packs. This six packs is not necessary for improving his life expectancy but this will dramatically improve the self image and confidence.. If you are in doubt watch the people when you go to the beach next time. The same improvement in self image and confidence can be gained through cosmetic surgery which cannot be gained in any other way.

cosmeticharmony profile image

cosmeticharmony 7 years ago from Colombia

Cosmetic Surgery Helps in getting you a perfect body and can increase confidence in you but It also has lot of bad effects too. And the most important point is its not for your lifetime and stands nowhere as compare to your natural looks

PSChannel profile image

PSChannel 6 years ago from TX, United States

In some ways, yes you're right. But cosmetic surgery also helps in lots of other ways. For example, women who have undergone breast cancer surgery can opt to have a procedure to reconstruct their breasts. You're a man, so I doubt you'd understand what it feels like to lose your breasts. There are other various examples of help cosmetic and plastic surgeons provide to those in need.

Andrea 5 years ago

I can agree to an extent, but there are some instances that fall into a grey area. I, for example, was extremely overweight my entire life, and lost almost 100 pounds over the course of a year and half. While I definitely looked, and most importantly felt better, there was a large amount of skin that would not disappear regardless of any amount of exercise. So, I went under the knife. Full tummy tuck, arm and leg lift. Does wanting a normal body, free of extra weight from dead skin put me into the 'vain' category?

Rolfen 4 years ago

I don't care if it's a sin or not, vain or not. When people put them selves under the scalpel, mutilate their body, risk their lives (yes, people died from complications) just to "look better" (they don't even look better half of the times. Plus beauty is a subjective thing!) then something is wrong. But what, that's what I'm trying to understand. I just don't understand why someone would do this, yet I need to understand.

jennifertaylor91 profile image

jennifertaylor91 4 years ago from USA

Yes, I agree with your recommendation about cosmetic surgery...just one month ago, My friend undergone face lift surgery and still no any bed effect rather than he is looking beautiful...Thanks


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