Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works through the use of heated beams of light. Basically what happens is a laser, or intense pulsed light is used to burn the hair follicles to slow hair growth.

In depth (if you want to know more), in the process of laser hair removal, the laser beam used passes through the area of skin with unwanted hair. In that area of skin, the dark pigments (melanin) and the associated hair follicles are targeted. The burnt hair follicles are damaged in such a way that it slows hair growth anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on a variety of factors including your skin and who administered the treatment.

Picture of the results laser hair removal.
Picture of the results laser hair removal.

Negatives of Laser Hair Removal

Before discussing the cost of laser hair removal, there are a few downsides of the treatment you should be aware of. 

The number one negative reason for laser hair removal is it only works with people with light skin and dark hair.  People with darker skin or lighter hair can have little no results with the process.  So ladies and gentlemen interested in the treatment, if you have white, blonde, light brown, or red hair, you're out when it comes to laser hair removal.

Second, laser hair removal can have permanent effects on your body.  In a small minority of the patients undergoing the treatment, a skin disorder referred to as hyperpigmantation can occur.  Basically, hyperpigmantation is when your skin color becomes darker.  Also, hypopigmantation can also occur, which is the same as its "hyper" brother except your skin gets lighter.  Usually this skin effect is temporary when it occurs with laser hair removal, but sometimes the skin problem can last years or even permanently for the rest of your life.

Pubic Laser Hair Removal

Having the hair removed from your nether regions is fast and easy with laser hair removal. Basically with pubic laser hair removal, the light beam is shined on your pubic region region for a period of time, damaging the hair follicles down there. Besides a little discomfort or irritation, there should be no pain from the procedure.

The cost of laser pubic hair removal is about $200 to $600 per session. Depending on your skin and hair color, more or less sessions could be required for the entire process. The average person getting laser hair removal for their groin will need about 4 sessions for a grand total of about $2000.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

If you have a troublesome neck-beard, hairy cheeks, or a fast growing mustache, facial laser hair removal is the solution for you.  Having laser removal treatment on your face is much simpler than having it removed from your groin and often requires less treatments.  The typical person wanting hair removed from their face should expect about 2 to 3 laser removal sessions with a bill around $300 per area.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

If you have hairy armpits, laser removal is great way to keep them smooth for long periods of time.  Underarm laser hair removal is very simple process and can be done with minimum of treatment sessions.  The average person can expect to have a long-term hair free underams with about two or three laser removal sessions at about $100 to $150 per session.

Underarm Laser Treatment Results

Laser Back Hair Removal

Back hair, besides your lower legs, is one of the most expensive parts of your body to use laser hair treatment.  If you're suffering from a furry back, however, the pain from waxing or simply the inconvience of having hair there, can overcome the negatives of any potential cost.  The cost of laser back hair removal is about $400 to $600 per session.  The average person requires about 3 to 4 sessions for long term results.

Laser Hair Removal for Legs

As one of the most expensive parts of your body for laser hair removal, your legs require a lot of upkeep for smooth hairfree skin.  The cost for the laser leg hair removal is about $450 to $800 per session  The average person will require about 2 or 3 session for long term hairless outcome.

Final Thoughts Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Before you go to see any doctor for laser hair removal, make sure you choose a doctor that is using the latest technology with an experienced staff.  Avoid choosing a substandard doctor with an enticingly low cost.  Health problems and risks are dramatically increased when you choose poor quality people to perform your hair removal.  Before choosing any doctor, research them and make sure prior clients have been happy with their results.  If you can't find any information about the specialist, you should consider someone else.

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