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I have been noticing costume jewelry for sale all over the place. A great place to buy costume jewelry is on the internet. There are several sites that have nothing but vintage costume jewelry for sale. These prices of the jewelry on these sites range from 10 dollars to hundreds of dollars for a piece of vintage costume jewelry. In order to find these sites just type in your search for costume jewelry for sale. A whole host of sites that sell costume jewelry will be revealed. Some have vintage costume jewelry as part of the title. i have found that these sites are best for true collectors of vintage costume jewelry.


Bracelet Purchased at Thrift Store

Bracelet Purchased at Goodwill
Bracelet Purchased at Goodwill

Buy Costume Jewelry from Thrift Stores

Another place to purchase costume jewelry at reasonable prices are thrift stores. The thrift stores in Georgia often have lots of costume jewelry for sale as low as $2.00 each piece. I have bought pieces of Eisenberg Ice jewelry for as low as $1.90 for a vintage brooch. Some of the vintage pieces are named and others are not. Just make sure that you purchase what you like at a reasonable price unless you are purchasing for resell purposes.

Costume Jewelry from Garage Sales

One of the very best places to purchase costume jewelry is from a garage sale or yard sale.  These sales are usually held by individuals or groups as a fundraiser.  I have gotten some of my best deals on vintage costume jewelry from garage sales in Georgia.  If you are a reseller, you can sometimes purchased in bulk from these sales.  I sometimes do this because I just don't have time to look at each piece closely at the time.

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i want to know about the things which can be imported from india to georgia

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