Is a Rolex good as a timex?

Too cheap to buy me a timex!

One Xmas when I was in my teens I was in puppy luv with a little fellow from school,by the name of Billy Ray,he came from a very good family and I myself was considered even in those times underprivileged. One didn't date at this age but you could go to one another's house ride to school together,hold hands in the hallway and my favorite thing sit together at lunch!!

We went "steady" the year of ninth grade as I recall I thought he hung the blame moon! Until, he gave me a worthless Christmas present that year,after that I hated him for 20 years at least. And I thought so much of him I gave him a 20.00 dollar Izod sweater..I must have saved forever for such a thing.

Christmas morning he arrives we exchange gifts,I was so upset I tried to give it back! He told me just to keep it,so I gave it away. That would show him the cheapskate,He didn't even think enough of me to buy me a real watch,a Timex! My goodness! I sure hated that for I truly thought something of him,but if he would give me such an insignificant gift as a Rolex,which I had never heard of,how could I continue to see him.I gave him back his friendship ring and that was that.No shabby treatment for me,I'd show him.

I didn't find out what I had done for many years to come. LOL...I guess "stupid is as stupid does" alright.

When my husband and I got married he was best friends with a Jeweler,so for my birthday one year he was adamant I get a Rolex,I tell him truly I am a Seiko kinda gal..LOL..He is so insistent I have to tell him the story.. He would tell this one on me many times in the coming years to everyone's delight ,but mine....

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Tamarii2 profile image

Tamarii2 5 years ago from NEW YORK

Interesting Hub.Wow!We give alot of things away and don't realize the valve of it until .....

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

thank you for stopping by and reading it..yes i gave away a cinderella watch that is now worth thousands

but the rolex today would be 50k plus i would think ..

I look forward to reading yours as well


JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

How funny! That poor guy...didn't even realize what he'd done wrong....


jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

I know!!!! and neither did I for many years!!!!!

truth is so much stranger than fiction,Hunh!!!

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