The Best Prom Dress Styles for Your Body Shape


How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

Finding stylish prom dresses isn't so hard as long as you consider the following:

  • Your body shape
  • Your height
  • Your skin tone
  • Your hairstyle

Ball Gowns with Beaded Embroidery (Satin/Organza)
Ball Gowns with Beaded Embroidery (Satin/Organza) | Source

Study your body's silhouette closely before you start to search for a prom dress that's perfect for you.

You don't want to choose a dress that's too layered, ruffled or overtly full if you are on the large or short side.

You should also take note of your skin tone, and only choose colours that'll enhance it.

Ask yourself these few questions. You'll be surprised how answering them can help you be creative and bold enough to turn heads:

  1. What's your budget? It must include cost of the dress, accessories - shoes, clutch bags, jewellry, and the costs to have your hair, nails and make-up done.
  2. How do you want to look on prom night? Glamorous, chic, sophisticated, like a Cinderella, etc...
  3. What style and theme are you considering? Vintage, retro, modern chic, bohemian, etc...
  4. Do you desire a ball gown, or a dazzling short dress?
  5. What hairstyle are you planning to wear?
  6. Will you accessorise boldly or subtly?

How to Get Creative

If for instance you decide on a Grecian styled dress, you can 'float' around the room like a Greek goddess in purely white and gold

If you prefer a modern and trendy look, you probably want something that'll dazzle on the dance floor.

To waltz around like a princess, you want to choose prom gowns that are full skirted and typical of traditional prom dresses.

Get new prom fashion ideas by visiting fashion boutiques on-line, or browsing through fashion and style magazines where you’ll find hundreds of designs of beautiful styles.

Also, watching video clips of the Oscars, the Emmys, and red carpet fashion shows on TV will open your mind to great ideas and widen your imagination, thus helping you choose the right attire that's perfect for your body shape.

For classic vintage and timeless styles, watching classic movies or soaps operas like the ‘I Love Lucy' show, 'Happy Days', or the old romantic classics like 'Sound of Music' will go a long way in giving you great prom fashion ideas.

Every Girl is Different and Unique in Their Own Way

There are many different elements that work well for every girl when it comes to fashion, and as long as you are armed with the knowledge of how to flatter your own figure, you will definitely make the best choice for you.

Flattering Designer Evening Dress
Flattering Designer Evening Dress | Source

Is your style:

  • Fun
  • Frivolous
  • Glamorous
  • Hot
  • Classic
  • Chic and sophisticated
  • Bold, confident, and 'sassy'

Whatever your style or fashion signature, remember your body must be enhanced by your choice.

So, if you are slim, skinny, or svelte, it's good to go for the figure hugging variations, and even show a bit of flesh, and if you are curvy or full-bodied, you can go for the vintage inspired flapper dress, A-line styles, or Empire dress designs.

Never copy a friend or anyone else's choice because though it may look fabulous on them it may look unbecoming on you. So it’s good to research well to ensure you get the best prom dress for you that will flatter the body.


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Following the Fashion Trend

Trends in couture prom dresses styles haven't really changed that much over the years, and even though all other fashion trends seem to change every season, prom fashion styles have been around for a very long time. So finding a great choice will not be so hard.

There is always a choice for everyone as the formal dresses and gowns industry keeps a close eye on what couture designers create and what stylish stars wear, so that you can find and wear hot, fabulous, and one-of-a-kind prom dresses.

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