Your Guide To Covergirl's Foundation Range

Covergirl currently gets my vote for best cosmetics company because they've made Ellen DeGeneres their face of covergirl and she's such a refreshing trend from the models they usually get to mindlessly spout their product lines. I like that they now have an intelligent, hard working mindlessly spouting their product lines instead.

As one might expect, Covergirl boasts a full range of cosmetics from foundation to nail polish. (That's the cosmetic A- Z, in case you became confused. Things are different in the world of cosmetics, different and pretty and rather nice smelling.)

At present, Covergirl have 17 different kinds of foundation, covering all skin types from normal, to combination to outright oily skin. If you're blessed with 'normal' skin (that is, skin that doesn't periodically create its own minor oil slick disasters,) then you can choose from their 'Simply Ageless' range, which aims to fight the signs of aging and ensure that you look your most youthful right up to your thirtieth fortieth birthday party.

If you just want a little simplicity, then why not try the 'Clean' range, which doesn't boast any magical anti-aging powers, but which is water based and won't cause you to break out like an awkward adolescent if you wear it every day.

Covergirl also boasts a 'Trueblend' technology range, which they claim goes beyond merely matching your skin tone like other, lesser foundations and actually merges with your skin. What they mean by this is somewhat nebulous. It could imply that it somehow wiggles its way into the very cells of your skin and becomes part of your body, like a parasite. Or it could imply that it is very fine to the point where it appears to merge with your skin and doesn't actually merge with your skin at all. I'm going with the latter explanation rather than the former.

'Advanced Radiance Age Defying Liquid Make Up' defies the very notion of time, and kicks your skin about until it gets the idea that deteriorating with age is not going to be tolerated on your face, oh heck no. Stephen Hawking would love to get his hands on a single tube of this stuff, but unfortunately he's really more of a 'whipped foundation' sort of guy.

If you have oily skin, then 'Oil Control' foundation helps to control the shine caused by your oily skin and promises not to clog your pores and create pimple volcanoes on your beauteous face.

For those with dry skin, Covergirl offers 'CG Smoothers', a brand of foundation that is perpetually covered with dewy beads of water, if the advertising is to be believed, and vows to hydrate your skin for a full 11 hours. That's 11 hours, not 10 and not 12. Better be home before midnight, young lady, or you'll turn into a pumpkin.

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