Cowgirl Clothes Are Stylish, Discuss: The Case For And The Case Against!

Cute Cowboy Boots!

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Western Style Clothing: Cute or Hoot?

There's something about an outfit with a tang of the old west that just brings out the, er, cat in some fashion columnists. Do you know what I mean? It's as if, almost, every other style comes and goes, goes in and out of fashion, but at some point every dog has its day. Except cowboy-style clothing on a girl. (Or a guy, I guess, but I'm less informed and certain about that.)

No other style seems to get hated on as much! Well, as far as I'm aware, and I much confess that I'm not much of a fan of fashion. (Maybe flip-flops? Do flip-flops even count as fashion?) I have to wear clothes just like everyone else (or so my mum and my local bobby say). But personally I think it's a cute look, and I like it!

Maybe on the hanger or the rail I can understand someone having a few qualms. Cap-sleeved gingham shirts with rough unfinished edges? Bevel-edged pointy heeled boots in tan? Sequins?

But when it's actually worn by a pretty girl, I think the look is transformed, and transformative. And personally I just adore cowboy boots: there's something about them that just looks gutsy, real, feminine but authoritative. Maybe it's just me! And as for Lucchese boots – oh, I want me some black alligator-skin cowgirl boots so bad! (Although looking at the prices, I guess I'll just carry on wanting them for some time to come, sigh!)

I guess I would probably draw the line at a cowgirl hat. Maybe. Unless it was occasion-appropriate – maybe if I took up line-dancing? Maybe then I could get away with it? If it was a really nice one then I would probably risk that too! Even with some cute braids and gingham ribbons, perhaps!

I feel I should maybe finish this hub with an obligatory 'Yeeh-ha!' So, 'Yeee- ha!'

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