Crazy Non Prescription Contact Lenses

If you want to achieve a really dramatic new look, for a Halloween party or a school play for instance, you will fall in love with crazy contact lenses! You can have the weirdest effects, just like you've seen in horror and science fiction movies, with a pair of these crazy, wild non prescription lenses.

These non prescription contact lenses are not formulated to improve your eyesight but only to alter the look of the eyes. You will not need to get a prescription and you can buy crazy contact lenses in your local high street and other places including on the internet. Nevertheless, It would be a good idea to have a consultation with an optometrist before buying a pair to make sure they are appropriate for you.

A number individuals should not use non prescription lenses, those with diabetes for example, who may be more prone to eye diseases. Consequently if you suffer from any medical problems with your eyes please check with a a doctor or other medical practitioner before using them. If they start to lead to discomfort or irritation you should stop wearing them and visit your medical practitioner.

Crazy contact lenses are made in a huge variety of designs including spider web, red eyes, wolf eyes, flags and many different colors. They are obtainable in both standard or monthly types. Standard lenses will usually last a long time if they are looked after, monthly should be thrown away after a month's use. Standard lenses are more expensive and also a lot more comfortable..

Crazy contact lenses, although non prescription and used solely for fun, should be looked after properly just as you would do with prescription lenses. You must keep them clean and soak them in solution according to the manufacturers instructions. Insertion needs to be with with clean hands without any traces of soap or solution as these could result in stinging and irritation. Infections in the eyes are very serious consequently you need to make sure you know how to care for contact lenses and carefully look after your non prescription lenses.

There are also a few makes of prescription crazy contact lenses if you need them. You must give them your prescription on ordering these.

The majority of the crazy contact lenses in the shops are not expensive but they are not toys. You need to be serious with your eyecare and ensure you know how to look after your lenses before you use them for the first time. if this is your first time using contact lenses we recommend you to see an optometrist to be shown how to insert them properly and give you instructions on looking after them

Be safe and have fun with your crazy contact lenses!

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