Cute Crochet Thigh High Stockings

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Stockings are one of those items of clothing that simply ooze femininity pretty much however and wherever they're worn. Why? My theory is that it is because they no longer serve any real purpose (if a woman wants warm legs she can wear pants as well as any man can), they have become optional indicators of feminine inclination, much like nail polish, eyeliner and those silly little handbags that are almost as impractical as they are easy to lose in a wide variety of locations. When it comes to fashion, femininity is often about excessive, yet tasteful ornamentation designed to draw the eye to certain features, and there is no better way to bring attention to your legs than to cover them in the stockings of your choosing.

Stockings are a favorite feminine garment of mine because not only are they good looking and relatively cost effective, but they come in a wide range of styles that enable the wearer to really express themselves in unique ways. Stockings go far beyond mere sheer and opaque leg covers so sought after in the war years, they now come in an impressive range of permutations to suit even the pickiest shopper.

Take these Crochet Thigh High Stockings, for instance. Now if one was going to be critical one couldĀ  say that they might not instantly scream femme fatale, but do they need to? Does the entire world need to be full of hyper feminine types batting four inch eye lashes and struggling to stay atop heels higher than the Empire State Building? No, of course not.

Stockings like these are perfect for cooler temperatures and they have a subtle, innocent kind of femininity that is not only fun to wear, but imparts a free spirited bohemian ambiance to an outfit. You can, as the model is doing, wear them layered over standard opaque tights if you want to wear incredibly short skirts or if you don't want your real human flesh peeking through the crochet style holes.

In this instance, I love the way they provide a context for the high heel Mary Jane shoes the model is wearing. The entire look hearkens back to a time when a woman could be appealing and highly feminine without showing her chest, her midriff and her booty. (Although a shift dress that short would never have been tolerated back then of course, it would have been highly improper and should they have been exposed to such a sight people would have politely averted their gazes and scurried home.)

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