Cruelty Free – Hair Dye Brands That Don’t Test On Animals (And Vegan Dyes)

Cruelty Free

If you’re looking to dye your hair but are worried about the ethical implications of animal testing then you may feel as though you are stuck in your decision - that bright colour or the idea of covering up your greys may be tempting you to go against your ethics, but you may be interested to find that there are some great brands out there that don’t test on animals! Whether you’re looking to change your shade subtly or are going for a whole new colour, no animals have to be harmed in the process.  There is even a variety of vegan companies that make hair dyes, meaning that they are not only cruelty-free but also have absolutely no animal produce in them whatsoever!  Doubley good!

Manic Panic

Among the most popular of hair colours for those looking for bright hair, Manic Panic is a fully vegan company.  Their wide range of shades means that you can pick the one that suits you perfectly.



Fudge Paintbox is an amazing brand with a range of stunning bright hair dyes.  Although semi-permanent these dyes hold quite long, meaning that you save money and get to keep your wild shades for longer!

Avigal Henna

This is a brand that not only doesn’t test on animals but also is fully vegan.  Not only will you find these henna dyes in natural shades, but colours such as topaz or red are available, too!  This brand has some great reviews, and is great all-round for those that want their cruelty-free products to not include animal products, either.


This vegan brand does some fantastic natural shades but you can also find some brighter colours in their Splat range.  This range also includes some wonderful wash out hair dyes that glow in the dark – ideal for wild nights out!


This brand does some fantastic brush-on hair dyes in a variety of colours!  If you’re looking for some extra colourful glamour then their hair jeweller is also a great buy!

Vegan Dyes

For anybody looking for vegan hair dyes (other than those above) then you have a choice of Special Effects, Organic Salon Systems, Paul Mazzotta and Lip-Ink International.

& Many More!

Other hair dyes that don’t test on animals include American International, Aubrey Organics (which you can find in health stores), Dena, Framesi’s FramColor, All-nutrient, Aloxxi, Mastey de Paris, Goldwell USA, Morrocco Method, Il-Makiage, John Amico, Katona Scentral, Paul Mitchell Systems, L’anza Healing Haircare, Rainbow Research Corp., Surya Brasil, Tressa, Ardell International, and Logona USA.

No Animal Testing & Wonderful Results!

With all of these amazing brands to choose from, you can have stunning hair colour without fear of the cruelty that this entails!

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profile image

4youreyes 5 years ago


Thank-you for the great information, one can look good and help save testing on animals.

Have A Good Evening !

Julia Hingley 5 years ago

Henna is just the best! Not only is the colour amazing, but it is the best conditioner I have ever found... and totally natural!

SHAJEEL 5 years ago

Nice hub, thanks for information shairing.

guest 5 years ago

I love Henna products but at $11 a box and color that only lasts maybe 2 weeks. I have to wash my hair daily so finding a cruelty free semi permanent hair color that will last a bit longer would be great.

krissy 5 years ago

you forgot Special effects

CourtneyHingley profile image

CourtneyHingley 5 years ago Author

You're right, krissy! I've just added them in! xx

maryhoneybee profile image

maryhoneybee 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

Yes! Just the thing I was looking for! :) With all these companies, it goes to show beauty doesn't need to mean pain for animals. And isn't it encouraging that someone as popular as Paul Mitchell agrees? Thanks for the hub! 4 years ago

Clairol and Revlon still test on animals to comply with regulations with China!!!

CourtneyHingley profile image

CourtneyHingley 4 years ago Author

Thanks for the info - I'll remove Revlon from the list!

Danielle 4 years ago

Bumble and Bumble is owned by Estée Lauder.. So they are not cruelty free as they test on animals.

ReneeT 4 years ago

Bumble and Bumble was recently taken off PETA's cruelty-free list.

MissNevermore 3 years ago

What about Directions La Riche? I believed it's cruelty free, too!

KaiLi 3 years ago

Try Henna Color Lab hair dyes. They're also vegan and cruelty-free. :)

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