Cure Sunburns Fast

Preventing Sunburns

When dealing with sunburns, the first thing to remember is the best treatment is proper prevention.  The use of sunscreen helps prevent burns sustained from the sun.  Sunscreen should always be used when you're out in the sun.  Some people think that darker skin or tanned skin helps prevent burns which is false.  Anyone can get a sunburn and so you have use sunscreen.

When using sunscreen, you should always reapply after getting wet.  Even though some sun screenproducts state water proof or water resistant, they can still wash off with water and leave your skin unprotected.  Unprotected skin of course will result in you getting a burn and even possibly skin cancer later in life.

When wearing sunscreen, you should apply it 15 to 20 minutes before you go outside.  Sunscreen takes a bit of time before it can be absorbed into your skin and so if you go outside right after putting it on, you can still end up getting red or burnt.

Sunburns are never fun.
Sunburns are never fun.

Fast Treatments for Sunburns

As a quick tip, if you have significantly bad burns, you should seek immediate medical attention.

If you're suffering from a sunburn, the first step to curing your sunburn is to get out of the sun.  The sun only makes your condition worse and so find housing or shade to help begin the healing process.  If you have any blisters caused by the sunburn, you need to see a doctor to make sure you don't have any complications.  The larger the blister, the more urgent your need for medical attention is.

Next, take a cool bath or shower.  The water helps soothe your condition and aids in the beginnings of the healing process.  After some relaxing in the water, grab some aloe vera.  When dealing with sun burns, do not use oils or butter.  Aloe vera is a great cure for sunburns and gives instant relief.

If you're experiencing significant pain from your sunburn, you can take a pain reliever like ibuprofen.  Most over the counter medication helps dull the pain but if you're suffering from major pain, see a doctor for more powerful pain relievers.

Finally, as you're healing, wear loose fitting clothing that allows your skin to "breathe".  Tight clothes will only aggravate the burns, make it more painful for you, and cause your burns to heal slower.

Hempz Supre Sunburn Relief

One product I would recommend for treating your sunburn is Hempz Supre Sunburn Relief oil.  It's great for curing your sunburn as well as provide soothing relief while your sunburn heals.  My mom used it when she got a sunburn last summer and it gave her some amazing results.  Basically how it works is it uses a combination of aloe vera, hemp seed oil, and tea tree oil for great soothing and burn healing.  If you're looking for the ultimate solution for your sunburns now and in the future, I'd recommend getting this sunburn relief product.

For the price of $10, you really can't go wrong with this sunburn product.

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mm 7 years ago

I took the Made from Earth Aloe & Jojoba Creme Therapy on a recent vacation to Barbados. I usually burn on my face, shoulders and arms. My skin is quite painful and I peel for two weeks after I get home, which is never a pretty sight.

This time, I applied the Aloe & Jojoba Therapy (from Made from Earth) every evening after getting back to my hotel room. The first thing you notice is how immediately soothing it is. Also, my skin recovered more quickly the next day. I didnt peel at all after getting home, and had a great tan as well - which lasted longer than normal. I'm never going on vacation without it again.

TVTopTen profile image

TVTopTen 6 years ago

OMG that is a rough sun burn! It's hurting just looking at him/her.

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