Maternity Clothes for Stylish Moms

How can you stay stylish and comfortable during pregnancy? Here are some of my favorite online shops with everything from casual maternity pants to pretty party dresses.

Maternity top from the Heidi Klum collection
Maternity top from the Heidi Klum collection
A shawl sweater from A Pea in the Pod
A shawl sweater from A Pea in the Pod
Thai fisherman pants for a comfy pregnancy
Thai fisherman pants for a comfy pregnancy | Source

A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod is a nationwide maternity chain with an online presence too. They carry some supercute dresses and alluring tops from Lavish, which is supermodel Heidi Klum's maternity collection.

A Pea in the Pod also has beautiful maternity sweaters by Vince Long. These are smart enough for the office but are so comfy, you'll want to wear them around the house too. The style is suitable for an entire pregnancy.

Want a coupon for Pea in the Pod? My favorite coupon site,, has coupons for A Pea in the Pod and other maternity clothing shops.

Try Thai fisherman pants! These cotton pants are cheap ($25 with delivery) and very comfortable. Basically, you wrap the fabric around your body & tie the attached belt. Thai fisherman pants are a combination between pants and a sarong.

The Fisherpants website sells Thai fisherman pants in army green, lavender, black, brown, gray and white.

Tip: You can probably wear the small size Fisherpants, even when you're pregnant. Thai pants are unisex & have lots of extra fabric.

Maternity dress from
Maternity dress from, a division of Ann Taylor, carries beautifully tailored maternity clothes for a somewhat upscale market. If you have the cash, you can get most of your wardrobe all in one place. Loft has maternity jeans, flared slacks, blazers, sweaters, jackets and more.

Handmade maternity dress on
Handmade maternity dress on | Source


Some of the prettiest maternity clothes are handmade. My favorite pregnancy dress ever was worn by a hippie waitress in Santa Cruz, California. She looked adorable in a Renaissance-inspired cotton dress. It was adjustable at both sides with criss-crossed ribbons.

Check out handmade maternity clothes on

Congratulations on your pregnancy & happy shopping!

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Pascale1973 profile image

Pascale1973 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

Very cute, wish this stuff was available when i was pregnant with triplets, or maybe i didn't even know about it, voted up!

SantaCruz profile image

SantaCruz 4 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA Author

Triplets! You are a superhuman ;-). Thanks for the vote, Pascale!

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