D&G Fragrance Anthology Review: What the Naked Models Mean

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D&G Fragrance Anthology Campaign
D&G Fragrance Anthology Campaign
Naomi Campbell models for D&G Frangrance Anthology
Naomi Campbell models for D&G Frangrance Anthology | Source

Well, the D&G Fragrance Anthology line will be officially released this September. But since I’m a perfume fanatic, I ran over to Nordies to catch the premier of these fragrant beauties just so that I could be able to bring you a review. So we all want to know if these perfumes interesting or not? And you know what? You’re in luck! It's a mix of both!

Surprisingly this perfume line is not as racy or scandalous as we all had assumed. These perfumes are actually quite wearable, common, and subdued. Perhaps even more so than the wide range of perfumes currently sitting on beauty counters. And for that reason I can see at least a few of these new Dolce & Gabbana perfumes becoming best-sellers.


L'Amoureux 6 Review

As you may already know from catching the news in all the perfume blogs, the D&G Fragrance Anthology perfumes are built around the concept of tarot cards. Each is named for a card and tries to capture the character of the card.

My personal favorite of the whole D&G Fragrance Anthology collection is L’Amoureux 1. You're probably thinking: What is she talking about? That's a men's cologne. Well yes and no. It is a cologne and, of course, it's perfect for men. But you might be surprised this fall, when you catch your first sniff. The whole D&G Fragrance Anthology line is very unisex and soft. They all boast a little bit of femininity and masculinity.

So anyway, back to it: L'Amoureux is a wonderful smouldering-and-spiced wood cologne. It’s light enough for a women. But it's still very smooth and interesting. The spice and wood never seems to fall flat or linear. The scent remains soft, velvety and smoky for hours on end. A load of herbal, peppery ensures that this cologne maintains a perky attitude long after your first spray. The official list of notes include: spices, bergamot, juniper, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, orris, wood and musk.

L'Imperatrice 3 Review

The second best fragrance out of the D&G Fragrance Anthology collection is one that many girls will go ga-ga over: L'Imperatrice.

The name and face of the perfume say it all! Naomi Campbell. The Empress. This scent is full of feline power.

L'Imperatrice is a mix of citrus and florals. The result is unbelievable modest and cooling. Unlike the other fruity florals that rely on a screeching citrus zing or syrupy fruit notes to hold your attention, L'Imperatrice is a girly perfume is surprisingly understated. The perfume include a delicious mix of fruity floral notes: watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen, musk


La Lune 18 Review

La Lune is the third most interesting fragrance in the D&G Fragrance Anthology bunch. It's defined as a lily musk perfume. Overall it's a quiet floral musk that is very pretty. It's not as sweet or earthy as Flowerbomb and it's not as mature as powdered floral perfumes. La Lune is well-rounded, slightly sweet and very womanly. The notes include: lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, iris root and leather. It's safe to say that the leather and sandalwood notes are extremely soft if not all together negligible. But the mix of florals and sweet musk is very dainty!

Models pose together for D&G Fragrance Anthology ads
Models pose together for D&G Fragrance Anthology ads

La Roue de la Fortune 10 Review

After those three modest fragrances, the D&G Fragrance Anthology line takes a turn for the typical. La Roue de la Fortune smells kind of like all the other perfumes on the market. Which of course, doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. Here's why: La Roue smells like a mouth-watering, hunger-inducing fruit fest. And guess what! Sweet, saturated girly gourmands are really popular!

While La Roue is another to add to the list of girly gourmands, this perfume is actually a rather nice girly gourmand. It's a heady mix of nectar-dripping florals and creamy fruits. And while it's sweet, it's never cloying or overly saturated. Also there is little in the base to offer this perfume a sense of mystery or sensuality. So all in all, it smells youthful, wearable and edible! The official list of notes includes: tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, benzoin and patchouli.

Le Bateleur 1 Review

Le Bateleur is the other cologne in the D&G Fragrance Anthology line. Like L'Amoureux, Le Bateleur is a soft cologne that women could even pull off. Le Bateleur is a straight-up citrus-aquatic fragrance.

There is nothing too extreme in Le Bateleur. It's simply a great wearable aquatic. There is nothing too dry, there is nothing to bitter, there is nothing too herbal. It's not at all eye opening. And for a simple, classic citrus-aquatic fragrance, Le Bateleur is a pretty good one.

 The official list of notes on this perfume is pretty vague, but it does offer some hints: aromatic notes, aquatic notes, cedar, vetiver. If you prefer an invigorating scent, Le Bateleur could be your best pick!

The Verdict

The perfumes in the D&G Fragrance Anthology collection are safe and subdued. With all the hype about naked models, many perfumistas were expecting crazy, sensual fragrances. But actually when you think about it, the advertising actually does match the fragrances. We were just confused!

The naked-aspect of the advertising may have been suggesting this whole time that the D&G Fragrance Anthology perfumes are all skin-scents. Skin-scents, for those who are wondering, are those perfumes that are soft, wearable and tend to stay close to your skin. They are not screeching, attention grabbing, or openly seductive.

So now that we've got our bearings on the D&G Fragrance Anthology perfumes and now that we finally understand their true characters, I must say that they're very good for what they are. Ground-breaking, they are not. Wearable and lovable, they are indeed! For those who don't have a head for strong perfumes, or those who have modest personalities, and even those who simply want a break from the ostentatious perfume fare, D&G Fragrance Anthology is worth checking out.

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Your Feedback 36 comments

Shay 7 years ago

I smelled the magazine sample before it came out...WOW!!! L'Imperatrice is the best by far, I am definitely going to have to enlist someone to purchase this for me for my bday which is coming soon. The next best was La Lune.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Shay, Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed them! I'm with you on that one, L'Imperatrice and La Lune are fantastic! Hope you manage to finagle them for your birthday. ;)

Jen 7 years ago

I smelled La Lune and it is fantastic. I really want to buy it!

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Hi Jen, I hope you can get La Lune, it's a great version of a classic white floral. And now I'm starting to think I got my predictions wrong--perhaps it'll be La Lune that becomes the best-seller of this collection. ;)

Cheryl 7 years ago

I sampled L'Imperatrice in my September Vogue over the weekend! I love it too Shay. Can't wait to find a bottle.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Cheryl, that's what we love to hear!

Tristan 7 years ago

So I've smelled Number 10, and i want to know: Do you consider it a cologne that a man would wear?

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Hi Tristan, Yea that one probably stands out the most from the other soft, vague fragrances. It's definitely really sweet and fruity. But then again, some men do love their fragrances sweet and fruity--think colognes from Paco Rabbane, Aquolina, and Paris Hilton. So I'll leave that up to personal taste. ;)

ajl577 7 years ago

I have the n0. 10 and LOVE it. It smells a lot like that lotion from Lavanila, the white one. Its smokey, woodsy but sweet and almost like burnt sugar at the same time. At least that's what I get from it. I can't wear foofoo smells like Imperatice. I LOVE it but it doesn't love me.....at least my gal friend told me anyway.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

No 10, with its warmth, jasmine and other heavy flowers, doesn't love me ;) but L'Imperatrice does. :) Glad to hear No. 10 works for you!

Sunita 7 years ago

I wasn't too keen on No.3 when I first tested it but then after a while I got this really sweet smell of fresh fruits that lasted all day :)

I loved it... HAD to buy one..bought it the next day.

Now I use to whenever,wherever possible,even at home. Lol.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Sunita: I know what you mean. :) That one's an easy fragrance to use whenever and all the time! Thanks for stopping by!

4ever Mo profile image

4ever Mo 7 years ago

Wow!You must be a supreme perfumista. Never read reviews on perfumes but I'm so curious to sample the colognes in here after reading this :-)Kudos.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Definitely. Try them out when you get a chance! Surprisingly, I find 3 of these really decent!

In Love 7 years ago

I have L-Imperatrice and LOVE it. Everyone loves smelling it on me. Especially the men who's imagination wander with the taste. LOL I am not into floral, or heavy scents. More mild fruity. Be Delicious was too fruity and strong for me but No 3 is perfect. It goes on strong like most perfumes but settles into a mild scent that makes you wonder if you are smelling it. LOVE IT!

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

In Love: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you love it. That one's my favorite too!

Karina S. profile image

Karina S. 7 years ago from USA


perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Karina: Thanks for the comment!

Rod 7 years ago

Hello there you all...

I have a question. I heard from the saleswoman that these perfumes can be mixed. Honestly I tried all and really loved them! Then decided to mix 2 of them which I dont remember now, but the result was amazing.

Does anybody know something about mixing them?

Is there something about that they were made to be mixed or not?!

Thx you all!


perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 7 years ago Author

Hi Rod, That's an interesting thought! I'm sure because they're all so simple and minimalist that they would indeed blend well together. Though I've yet to read anything specific on that. I'll let anyone else chime in. Thanks for stopping by!

Fish 7 years ago

Saw the anthology collection in the MEN'S section and loved ALL of them. Picked two (No. 3 and No. 10) to test with the intent to return and try the rest before settling on which to buy. Really liked the way No.3 settled on me and had all intentions of getting it until I found out it is a women's fragrance?? Now I'm confused. It was very light and crisp (similar to Liz Claiborne for men I used to wear) but didn't think I smelled like a woman.

Are these fragrances for women's? men? unisex? All of the above? Which one's are which?


perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 6 years ago Author

Hi Fish, You've got it. These are all marketed as unisex, but 3, 10 and 18 are fronted by women as feminine scents. But don't let that stop you! The whole construct of perfume vs. cologne is simply that, a construct. Men's fragrances can easily feature gourmands and florals just as women's fragrances do. And women's fragrances can easily feature tobacco, bitter herbs and spices just as men's fragrances do. Enjoy whichever scent you end up choosing!

Genevieve 6 years ago

Just bought L'Amoureaux 6. I hadn't heard anything about the Anthology or that they were unisex (?), but I loved this one and I'm female (they were all on the female fragrance counter). La Lune smell wonderful at first, the middle notes were a bit too fruity for me, but it finished nicely. However, I know it wouldn't last all day, 3-4 hr. tops. I smelled all the others except Le Bateleur and I'm a little disappointed as I think it would have been a contender.

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 6 years ago Author

hi genevieve! l'amoureaux and le bateleur are my faves. glad you got one. hopefully you can sniff out the other!

allegra 6 years ago

i read somewhere that these perfumes are great to wear together- like 2 at once. do you think that would work out?

perfumelover profile image

perfumelover 6 years ago Author

Hi Allegra, Fragrance layering is definitely possible with all perfumes, it's just a matter of finding a few that compliment each. Because the DG Anthology fragrances are so simple, they are quite easy to layer. Give it a try, and report back on your fave combo!

Jammy  6 years ago

As a man I have brought them all as little 20mls bottles which Is just enough for me and I wear all of them everyday mostly. Although no 3 as a man needs layering with other scents to stop me smelling like jelly fruits and fruit salad all in one- it would make a lovely air freshener LOL :)

Sylvia Jackson 6 years ago

How can I get samples of these fragrances? Reading the reviews makes me want to try. I love to smell good and I just love it when someone says oh you smell good, what are you wearing. And I love it when I am with some woman friend of mine and we enter a room and somebody says "somebody smells good!" and my friend will say "it must be her"...lol

Jammy 6 years ago


I got it through debenhams online

Stella 6 years ago

Normally I'll buy the fragrance in promotion package. Especially during mother day, warehouse sales. The package includes the form cleanser, deodorant and the perfume. It is a one stop solution for the whole facial wash session.

Sylvia ES 4 years ago

I was in need of some perfume....stopped at Sephora to sniff around...found D&G's line...COMPLETELY in love with L'Imperatrice..WOW!!! I normally don't go for the fruity or flowery, but rather more musky and woodsy. But, as of late, I've been digging much more fruity/citrusy/flirty fragrances. I'm very girly, but like to keep it sophisticated! L'Imperatrice is absolutely perfect, i mean PERFECT! To me, the first note i smell is soft flowery. Second, aqua-something with a hint of calm citrus. Third, as it settles into my skin, i smell fresh green notes with warm woods. I absolutely loved it, that i didn't need a sample of it. I bought it immediately! Don't regret it a bit! And it's the kind of fragrance that a man would be drawn to!

Absolutely love "1 Le Bateleur"! It's subtle just enough. 4 years ago

Gloria Hunter

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