Delicious Chocolate Diamonds in Jewelry

Chocolate diamonds is the marketers way of referring to brown diamonds which are basically off color diamonds that for the most part originate from the Argyle mine in Australia.

This mine produces more diamonds than any other diamond mine in the world by volume but not by market value. Most of the diamonds that come from this mine are of lower quality.

Argyle rough typically results in the lower quality diamonds you see in mass produced diamond jewelry in jewelry chain stores where they advertise 1 carat and 2 carat total weight diamond rings for $299 and $399.

They will have lots of inclusions both white and black and will be in the near colorless range all the way down to top light brown and dingy yellow.

Chocolate Diamonds Do Scintillate

Apart from these diamonds, Argyle also produces deeper colored diamonds that have quite attractive hues which they market as champagne, cognac, cinnamon, honey and clove.

These colored diamonds are quite attractive in the higher qualities because their transparency allows quite a bit of light into the diamond giving it a nice brilliance allowing the beauty of the color to come through.

Check out the emerald cut chocolate diamond above right. Not how sharp and well defined the reflections are and how symmetry is preserved in the cut. You will not find this kind of vibrant color in other colored stones of similar hue like almandite garnet simply because their refractive index is much lower and therefore optics are nowhere near that of diamond

Chocolate Diamonds VS Cubic Zirconia

The optical characteristics of diamonds in general enhance the way in which their color reaches our eyes. The high refractive index of diamond has a lot to do with this as well as its wonderful balance of brilliance and fire.

Diamond does not add too much fire to its reflected light . In this way if the diamond is a colored diamond, you get a wonderful display of the pure color (if the diamond is well cut) without interference from the rainbow effect that you would normally get in a colored cubic zirconia or moissanite.

In this solitaire chocolate diamond ring to the right you get that nice delineation of light and dark areas in a chocolate diamond just as you would in a white diamond. This corresponds to areas of extinction and light reflected off the pavilion as normally occurs in a white round diamond cut close to ideal proportions.

You also won't see any rainbow effect to mar the beautiful rich brown color. The dispersion is there but is masked by the chocolate color

Chocolate Diamonds VS Other Colored Stones

Even other colored stones like garnets which normally come in earth hues like the diamond colors mentioned above will not have the brilliance of color and an ability to play with light like diamond does.

The same benefits of sharp brilliance and scintillation that you get from a white diamond carries over to its colored cousins. This is why colored diamonds of good clarity and cut have become quite expensive.

Chocolate diamonds fall into this category and have become quite popular in recent years with major jewelry designers like Levian coming out with extensive collections of chocolate diamond rings, chocolate diamond earrings and even chocolate diamond engagement rings.

Smaller sized chocolate diamonds in sizes 5 points and under are however quite affordable even the ones with superior clarity. So you will see an abundance of this type of chocolate diamond used in fashion chocolate diamond rings like the one to the right in Pink gold. Chocolate diamonds go well with pink gold

Chocolate Diamonds and Modifying Hues

The word chocolate of course describes a range of brown colors that fit into what most people in the West would refer to as chocolate. This can range from a dark brown to slightly reddish brown, slightly yellowish brown and slightly orangey brown.

Modifying hues are not so apparent in chocolate diamond melee like the small rounds used in the above ring because they are too small to reveal theses hues. Also, the contrasting white diamonds serve to highlight the main hue which is brown

The most attractive brown hue depends on personal taste and also depends on how the brown diamonds are arranged in the jewelry. Usually small round brown diamonds under five points are set in blackened prongs to form swirling designs or straight lines.

Immediately adjacent to these groups of set brown diamonds are prong set white diamonds whose prongs are not blackened but left as white gold which is the typical metal used for chocolate diamond jewelry.

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