Dermal Hip Piercing

Example of a Dermal Hip Piercing
Example of a Dermal Hip Piercing

As trendsetters everywhere seek to find yet another area of the face or body to pierce, many seem to have settled on having a dermal hip piercing as the latest fashion statement.

Whilst this may seem a strange place to have a piercing, in warmer weather with low slung jeans, with a bit of imagination, a dermal hip piercing or two can add attraction to that area and perhaps help to attract a look or two.

But how are these trendy and hip dermal piercings placed and are they safe?

Hip Dermal Piercing Styles

Unlike a traditional piercing, a dermal piercing comes in two parts. The anchor, which is made from titanium to prevent bodily rejection, is placed under the skin through a small incision. These are designed to encourage the flesh to grow around it in order to hold it firmly in place and create a strong anchor for the attachment to be placed on.

The attachment or visible part of the dermal hip piercing can be worn in any style and may be a simple stud or if budget allows, an expensive jewel. It is also possible to position the hip dermal piercings to create a pattern or spell out a name although this would of course require a number of piercings. This decision or indeed any decision to have a dermal piercing should not be taken lightly as whilst they are relatively easy and straightforward to place, the anchors can only be removed by a skilled person. Very often, the piercer will not be able to remove the anchor and you may have to visit a doctor to have them removed.

It may also be worth considering whether a dermal hip piercing is the best position for one as this is an area which may get bumped during daily life, especially in a busy street. This could knock the attachment off and may also be quite painful, especially shortly after the procedure has been done.

So, whilst a dermal hip piercing may be considered the latest fashion accessory, it is important to give it serious thought before undertaking the procedure and equally important to ensure that you visit a reputable piercer should you decide to go ahead.

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Marlena Oechsner profile image

Marlena Oechsner 5 years ago from Wisconsin

I used to have a piercing like this, except it was closer to my belly button. I only had it for a week because of the constant bumping into things. At the time, I worked at a job where a table that I was stationed at happened to be the same height as my piercing and the non-stop bumping and rubbing eventually caused an infection, so I just removed it. I'm not sure that there is any other type of piercing that would have so many difficulties...probably why it hasn't taken off as much as I thought it would. Great hub!

Allison Hope profile image

Allison Hope 5 years ago from UK

Thanks for pointing out the pluses and negatives for having this piercing, brought up a couple of points I hadn't considered - I think any piercing takes careful consideration, well done :) Allison

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI

Great information. I'm really not all that fond of the idea of dermal anchors and find them unsafe, even being a person who supports piercings and tattoos. Wonderful hub though for those who are thinking about getting one. Voted up.

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