Designer Handbags

The world market is in a recession following the global financial crisis and consumers' buying power is expected to lay low until the climate eases. This appears to be not applicable in the case of designer handbags, however, because come hell or high water, the demand for luxury and branded bags seems to have weathered whatever crises hit the banks.

Designer handbags have proven their resilience at the height of financial turmoil and have, instead, served as a comforting refuge for most women whose usual travel budgets have been curtailed by the decline. Never mind the travel, most say, as long as the bags stay put.

The Mystery

There is a certain appeal to designer handbags that even psychologists cannot explain. A bag is to a woman as a nice car is to a man -- it is essentially unnecessary but something that one cannot do without. A designer handbag goes beyond the place of a status symbol and has taken a nice niche in most women's sense of character and confidence.

Nothing beats a designer handbag to make what could be dismal state of being look cheery and happy. This is why no matter how expensive these things are, they have a good set of loyal customers who will keep buying no matter the price. When one thinks about it, it is not really so much as the bag's design that makes them sell like hotcakes. It is the brands they carry and the designer names attached to their labels. We would like to condemn this kind of thinking, really, but one cannot deny that if handed a nice designer handbag, not a single soul can say no.

The Best Brands

Some of the most popular and sellable brands of designer handbags include Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Balenciaga, Chanel and Coach, just to name a few. In fact, these brands are so popular all over the world that enterprising businesspeople have found a way to get these expensive babies over to the third world at a fraction of their original price -- replicas, of course. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, which explains why a lot of women are willing to lug around a replica, as long as nobody knows.

Selling replica designer handbags in the US could be quite difficult because of intellectual property laws that exist in the country; but that does not mean replicas are not able to make their way onto American soil. Most of the replicas are made in China or other Asian countries, which, when studied carefully, sometimes really do not look so different from the real thing.

For the true blue fans of designer handbags, however, nothing can top the appeal that an original bag gives, no matter how carefully copied. As said earlier, there is a certain unique appeal and sense of pride a real handbag affords a woman. In the case of designer bags, when they say money cannot happiness, this definitely is an exception. Men should know: whenever they hand their significant other a nice designer handbag, the smile on their faces is just priceless.


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