Dashing Diamond Stockings For Men

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but diamond stockings can be a man's best friend. Don't worry, your dog won't feel left out if you have one, he'll quite happily accept his demotion from best friend and celebrate by stealing them off the line and chewing them lovingly. (Assuming you're as lucky as I am in your dog ownership. Everyone should own at least one animal hell bent on destroying their treasured personal items, thereby teaching them a very zen lesson on the impermanence of material possessions.)

Now, the image most people have of diamond stockings is a little on the trashy side. They're also quite often referred to as fence net stockings. However, as with all things in life, how trashy diamond stockings are depends very much on their execution.

Take this first pair of stockings for instance. These would not be entirely out of place on a lady of the night, so therefore one can assign quite a high trash rating to them. These stockings are from Fantasy Lingerie, a company dedicated to making fantasies come true.

These pink and white diamond stockings on the other hand, are very demure and pretty. In addition to the darling diamond pattern, they also boast frilly lace tops which are sure to be all but irresistible to men who love a little lace in their lingerie. I'm not sure who the original manufacturer of these stockings is, but I'm very much thinking that the mark of Leg Avenue is not far from these stockings. I could be utterly wrong on that, so don't quote me.

We see a return to more traditional diamond net with this pair of darker lace top stockings. These walk the fine line between naughty and nice and its all because of those lacy tops which ooze classic charm quite independently of the wide diamond net which proceeds them, (or follows them, depending on which end you start from.) Again, manufacturer details are sketchy, but you can get them from stockingstore.com.

If you prefer pantyhose to all that messing around mid thigh with stockings, then how about these fluorescent pink diamond net pantyhose from Leg Avenue. Wearing these you'll look equally at home at a rave or back up dancing for teen sensation Miley Cyrus. Sure, they're not entirely suited for causal wear, but when you want something different, they'll be there for you screaming 'Oh my god look how pink and different I am!'

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ectomorphguy 7 years ago

I really dig fishnet suspender stockings. They're sexy and they look great...on women as well as crossdressers.

kfsteve391 7 years ago

The net stockings are very pretty and sexy looking. Love them.

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