Discontinued Perfumes

Once you have found that scent that compliments your body chemistry perfectly and smells great on you, it can be devastating if that perfume is discontinued. Discontinued perfumes can fall into two main categories. The first is a discontinued perfume that is no longer manufactured anywhere and that is the worst possible scenario. A discontinued perfume that is no longer manufactured can be impossible to find after a certain amount of time has passed. Since the qualities and scent of a perfume change over time, the more time that passes from the time a perfume is discontinued, the worse your chances are of finding a bottle that has not been compromised. There are some perfumes that are only offered for holiday release or limited realease like a DKNY apple perfume a few years ago. Whether they stick around depends a lot on how they are received.  Happy perfume reviews of their Happy Holiday perfume were not great so it doesn't look like it will be released again.  The second type of discontinued perfume is one that is discontinued locally but can be imported from another country. For example, a Vera Wang perfume review I recently read said that Flower Princess only had a limited release in the United States, but is widely available in Asia. Most fragrances are part of a line of products that include body lotions, etc. Sometimes it is those accompanying products that get discontinued. For example, the Moschino perfume for women Cheap and Chic is still available but the body lotion is not. Discontinued perfumes can be hard to find and expensive, but it may be worth tracking them down if you really like the scent or fragrance. For example, Creed perfumes that are discontinued can cost as much as $315 per ounce.

Many people do not even realize it when their favorite fragrance is discontinued until they go to buy a replacement and start having trouble finding it. At first your scent might just be sold in fewer stores. The perfume manufacturer will only provide material to the stores that move the most volume. As these perfume and cologne outlets work through their inventory it is not replaced and it becomes harder and harder to find your favorite scent. Soon, you realize that you cannot find it anywhere. You might try looking online as a last resort and still might be able to find it in some international locations or directly from the manufacturer. Once those options are exhausted then you might have to start looking for a new perfume. But keep in mind that just because you can't find it, that doesn't mean it is discontinued. For example, I had a friend that kept looking for Cartier Panther perfume and couldn't find it. This perfume is not discontinued, Panther is just an Americanized version of the name. The perfume is actually called Panthere De Cartier.

Where Can I Find a Discontinued Perfume?

If you are looking for discontinued perfumes for sale there are a few places you can look. The first place I would check would be online. There are many online ladies perfume warehouses and distributors that specialize in discontinued fragrances and rare discontinued perfumes. You can buy discontinued perfumes from these warehouses that take care of importing a list of discontinued perfumes for sale in other countries. They import the scents so that they are still available to customers in this country. Another option is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. They might have inventory left over that they were not able to sell to any distributors because the distributor bought something to replace the discontinued scent.

If you have a discontinued perfumes list that you are interested in purchasing and they are not made anywhere any longer then you might want to try talking to people in perfume chat rooms or forums. They might be familiar with the particular discontinued perfumes from Avon or Fendi perfume discontinued and will be able to describe the scent or fragrance to you. You can then take that fragrance description to a knowledgeable sales person and then they can direct toward another perfume or cologne that is similar. Trying to find a replacement for your best scent is the next best thing to having the discontinued perfume.  Another option is to look on websites like eBay for your favorite discontinued perfume.  My favorite Versace perfume for women has been discontinued and I was able to find it on eBay for $150.

You probably should not go looking for an especially old perfume to purchase. The reason for this is that perfumes deteriorate with age. The scent changes over time and what you have fond memories of may be completely different when you open the bottle. The chemicals in the perfume or cologne react with the oxygen in the air so this problem can be worse if the bottle is opened. You would be better off trying to find a newly manufactured bottle in some other country or another perfume that is similar.

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Sam 6 years ago

http://www.perfumeq.com/ has over 10,000 fragrances. We carry many discontinued brands by the top designer. Come in and check us out.

Tassy 6 years ago

I would like to know how much a tester perfume Tigresse from faberge would cost since it's been discontinued? Someone is selling one bottle, and I would like to know how much I should pay for it.

DCA 6 years ago

Looking for Roxy Hula Perfume for my girlfriend. Any help would be extrmely appreciated.

Eau De Parfum Spray 6 years ago

Hai. I bought Eau De Parfum Spray for my wife from Zumali reinvented online shopping. Wide range of men & women perfumes available on zumali.

Michelle 6 years ago

Desperately looking for Xia Xiang by Revlon at a reasonable price , found a few bottles for sale on Ebay but the price was crazy , it was not that expensive 22 years ago when it was brand new. Help.

Valerie Anderson 6 years ago

Abercrombie and Fitch fragrance for women

Beejay 6 years ago

Does anybody know where I can find this parfum? SASORABIA and MIYATU SAILA

RL 6 years ago


specialize in RARE and Hard-to-Find fragrances, they

have a lot of rare ones, read about them in Real Simple Magazine, check them out.

Nelle 6 years ago

@DCA I have a partially full bottle of Roxy Hula perfume if you're still interested. Post again if you still check this page.

SANDRA 6 years ago


GGT 5 years ago

NELLE*** I am also looking for Roxy Hula. Please contact me! tabithadmichael@yahoo.com

Orit 5 years ago

Hey Sandra are you talking about Casual Friday by Escada?

Discontinued Perfumes 5 years ago

Hey I'm looking for Friday by Escada aswell. Where do they sell this fragrance?

Discontinued Perfumes 5 years ago

Hey I'm looking for Friday by Escada aswell. Where do they sell this fragrance?

Vika Agyula 5 years ago

Iam Vika in Nigeria,i want a perfume that can seriously last on my body,where and which perfume could that be?

SummerRayz 5 years ago

I Was jus wondering if anyone has heard of a perfume called " Quotidiano" .....Its a Brazilian perfume that i have been trying to find for at least 5 yrs! If Its ever found i will pay whatever i need to get it!! :)

tammyswallow profile image

tammyswallow 5 years ago from North Carolina

Thanks for that. I was able to find Madly by Ultima II on Ebay.

Destiny 5 years ago


Had Anne Pliska on Sale, wonderful fragrance, never seen it go on sale before, the 2oz bottles cheeper then the smaller pink bottle, any savings is ok by me, thanks for the tip.

AR 5 years ago

Am from Nigeria, am looking sasorabia saudi made.....i'l appreciate it if someone cld help me out. Hr is my email muxaxs@yahoo.com

Jacky Pahl 4 years ago

I am looking for Intimate by Revlon and Primitif by Max Factor. There was also a cream perfume called My Sin and Imprevu by Coty. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Angie 4 years ago

I am looking for persian wood and elegant frangance from avon, can somebody tell me where can I find them aside of ebay...my email is angelyn22@hotmail.com

Philomena Dooley 4 years ago

I am looking for Panter by Cartier can anyone please please find this perfume for me I have been using this for the last twenty years and I just love it and can not find it anywhere. It is the most beautiful fragrance ever and I will pay whatever the price to be able to get it. I have never gone out while wearing this fragrance that I have not got a nice comment so I know this was the perfume for me and God did I love it.

jamila 4 years ago

Am looking for a perfume called try me from uae

TheHolisticPathfinder 4 years ago

We are a group of little word and we have all the perfume you mentioned here.

Just contact us on jointventure123@gmail.com and mention the one u need and get it shipped to u asap.

rocketman 4 years ago

Thanks for the tip "destiny" my wife loves Anne Pliska and

indeed its cheeper at www.thefragrancefactory.com

thanks for saving me some money.

isobel 4 years ago

looking for a perfume called raffini

Holly Espana 4 years ago

Looking for ROXY HULA please contact Holly at Hespana@avatar.net

Janet 3 years ago

Thanks for your post I found my discontinued fragrance at


They are a reputable site you can read about them at http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive...

they really have lots and lots of hard to find perfumes

Amanda 3 years ago

Thanks for the post on Thefragrancefactory.com

I found my discontinued perfume there.

They are a reputable site you can read about them at http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive...

Amanda 3 years ago


They are a reputable site you can read about them in the Seattle Times at this link.. http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive...

Debbie 3 years ago

I am looking for tricia parfum extraordinaire by aloette have only found it once recently on ebay but missed out on it can anyone help me with my search?

Glenn 3 years ago

Yatagan by Caron the vintage fragrance. Been searching for long time, till I found this site. I found my vintage Yatagan by Caron at


cheaper then ebay...thank you.

Jen 2 years ago

wow, after a long search I found my Fendi, thanks for the info on


they had my discontinued Fendi in stock.

happy again

Sandra 2 years ago

Found Aire Loewe by Loewe for Women

at Thefragrancefactory.com

thanks for the info.

Charlena 2 years ago

Looking for CK One Electric

Jen 17 months ago

Flora Danica was a favorite perfume of mine for

Many years. Sadly it's becoming almost impossible to find. Tried the tip about Thefragrancefactory.com and to my great

Surprise they have it. Thanks for Hub pages

Information on where to find discontinued perfume, very happy again.

cassini56 14 months ago

Thank you for that information on


I went there and very happy

To find my long lost perfume

Happy again to have this treasure back on my shelf

Chole 2 months ago

Found Deci Dela at Thefragrancefactory.com

just recieved it and its smells wonderful. Thank you

for helping me find this again.

Jil 5 weeks ago

Thank you sooo much for this information!! I been looking for

Elysium for a very long time now have it again thanks to Thefragrancefactory.com

You made me very happy again.

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