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Disney Tangled may be set to be this year holiday hit movie, Disney Tangled Costumes were already released before Halloween 2010 in time for little Princesses everywhere. The full Tangled Rapunzel costume pictured on the right is made up of different components, each sold separately or as a full set.

Listed below is the list of Tangled Costume and Accessories and the total cost. All items are available at Amazon. Disney Tangled Rapunzel Hair Piece and wand are the most essential parts of the Tangled Costume, shoes can be replaced with more durable shoes, and since the Tangled costume shoes are made from PVC they may not be the best shoe in cold weather.

Tangled Dress Up -Tangeld Hair Extension
Tangled Dress Up -Tangeld Hair Extension

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Hair Piece

  • The Rapunzel Hairpiece is an essential accessory needed to complete the Rapunzel look. The long blonde braided Rapunzel Hair piece comes complete with ribbons and bows.
  • One size fits all, can be secured with hair clips.

Tangled Rapunzel Costume Dress
Tangled Rapunzel Costume Dress

Disney Light-Up Tangled Rapunzel Shoes for Girls

  • Low heeled slippers are the final touch to the Disney Tangled costume.

  • Adjustable straps with heart-shaped buckles.

  • Made from Glitter PVC jelly therefore may not be the best shoe for outdoor wear but rather best for use indoors.

Disney Light-Up Tangled Rapunzel Wand

  • Every Princess needs a wand to complete her look. The Disney Tangled Wand comes with a pink bow detail. Once the base is pressed you can see a glittering glow in the wand for a complete Tangled Costume.

Monster High Costumes
Monster High Costumes | Source


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