Do-It-Yourself Anti-Cellulite Scrub

The dreaded Cellulite. All women have it, and many of us spend countless hours trying to find ways to get rid of it. Instead of spending $15-$100 or more on products that are temporary solutions, why not gather up a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen and create your own?

I really love this Espresso Scrub. It smells great, exfoliates, detoxifies, and tightens the skin!

You will need:

A large container (preferably with a lid)

2 cups ground coffee (I love using Café Bustelo. It comes in a yellow can and is inexpensive)

½ cup sugar

½ cup salt

1/3 cup olive oil

Mix ingredients together. Apply all over your body before showering. Rinse well. Enjoy your soft, glowy skin!

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