Do Your Own Bikini Wax At Home

Whether you have a hot date, are going on a Caribbean cruise, or are just looking forward to spending time basking in the sun with friends, you need a bikini wax! Short on money or time and can’t get to the esthetician? As a Floridian (our bikini weather is almost year-round) and a swimmer, I’ve been in your situation. Let me share my at-home bikini waxing wisdom. While going to an esthetician may be ideal, waxing at home can save you time and money. Plus, it’s a lot easier than you think!

First, you should pick a good wax. For the bikini area, most waxers and waxees recommend a good hard wax. My favorite is Surgi-wax, a microwavable Brazilian wax, which is easy to acquire and use- and it’s cheap! Surgi-wax does not require cloth strips, and based on my experience, I prefer it this way. This wax was first recommended to me by my aunt, and I have used and recommended this wax for years. I love it! However, you are welcome to use whatever wax you prefer.

Before you ever get started, you need to trim your pubic hair to approximately a ¼ inch. Don’t give yourself eyestrain trying to measure, but this is a fairly exact science from people in the biz. If the hair is too long, it may hurt more. If the hair is too short, it may not come out. Surgi-wax is pretty good about grabbing the slightly shorter hairs, though, so don’t worry too much.

Now, you need to prepare your bikini zone. Take a warm shower and exfoliate the bikini area well. If you don’t have time to do this, I recommend using astringent or rubbing alcohol to clean away dead skin. Of course, be gentle and careful! This step helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Next, clear a relaxing space: preferably on tile or linoleum to allow for easy clean up. If you are alone for a while, I would actually recommend waxing in your kitchen. As funny as the picture of a person ripping their pubic hair out in the middle of the kitchen is, the location is actually quite perfect. It will allow for a large enough area for you to set up shop comfortably, easy access to the microwave, and easy clean-up as most kitchens have tile or linoleum for easy clean up. Set up a comfortably folded old towel and grab your cell phone and house phone. (Just imagine getting caught in the middle and hopping towards the phone with your leg out, trying to prevent the wax from sticking your thigh and woohoo together. Yes, I have done it. Yes, grab the phones. J ) Also, in the interest of guaranteeing yourself privacy and peace of mind, lock the appropriate doors. You don’t want your neighbor to barge in asking to borrow a cup of sugar at a delicate moment. Also, grab a good set of tweezers (I like the ones with handles), some baby oil, a trash can, and turn on some relaxing tunes. It’s best to thoroughly set up your waxing lab pre-waxing.

Time to begin! Use the Pre-Epilation Oil first. This is VERY important. This oil prevents the wax from sticking to the skin. Follow the kit’s directions to microwave the wax. Experiment with the temperature. The wax needs to be hot and liquefied enough to spread on like a slightly-thicker butter. Use the small, wooden applicator to stir the wax between microwave sessions. ALWAYS test the temperature before you attempt to use it on your bikini zone. Don’t scald that area.

Once you’ve gotten the wax heated and ready, sit down on the towel in your favorite butterfly position. Pull the skin taught with one hand. Concentrate and apply the wax using the applicator with the other hand. Apply the wax downward, in the direction of the hair growth. This is not a speed contest, so don’t worry if you’re too careful or slow at first. It gets easier with each minute of experience! You want to apply approximately an inch by ½ inch to inch by inch area of wax. Don’t worry about exactness.

Now, the key is to be patient and wait until the wax is hard enough to pull. It should become tackier and change color. This should only take seconds. Once it’s hard enough, pull a little from the bottom left corner of the wax, get a good grip, and pull the whole area of wax up as quickly as possible, in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Lightly tap your skin to relieve the momentary shock of pain. If you miss some hairs in an area, do not continuously wax it. Your skin will hate you! Just wait and tweeze the stubborn hairs after you’re finished waxing. Since they already have gooey wax on them, they should come up rather easily.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You may need to reheat the wax several times in the process. The whole process should go pretty quickly, since this is an easy-to-use kit. Don’t be intimidated by my overly detailed instructions- I am just being thorough! On the other hand, do not rush yourself on your first try. Once you get the hang of these tricks, you’ll save yourself, time, money, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

After you’re finished, apply the baby oil to remove the excess wax. If you can avoid, underwear for a while, I would recommend free-styling for a bit to give your bikini zone a chance to recuperate. To help this recuperation along, you can use Bikini Zone or a similar product.

I’ve shaved and used many other hair removal products, but the bottom line is that waxing lasts longer, leaves you smoother, and causes less ingrown hairs. With regular waxing, your hair should thin out and become easier and easier to remove. I am not an esthetician, and though I do go to a salon to get waxed occasionally, I like to save time and money. I hope this helps you stay smooth as well as save time and money!

Note: There are many, many tips on the web, even on, about getting bikini and Brazilian waxes done professionally. If you have never had a professional wax you before, you might want to go to a professional first to get an idea of what waxing involves. Ask your esthetician questions. I always do! Good luck and happy waxing!


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