Do you find tattoos attractive?


Do You Find Tattoos Attractive

Tattoos are nothing new. These marks are made by inserting ink to the layers of the skin. There is evidence that even in ancient time people made tattoos-- and I do mean ancient. I'm talking about the period between 38,000 to 10,000 BC. The tradition of making tattoos was widespread all over the world in ancient times, but stopped in Europe in the middle ages in some cultures, while others (mostly tribal, non-western cultures) continued the tradition. This tradition was resumed in Europe after James Cook returned from Polynesia Islands.

While in some religions and cultures, getting a tattoo is expected-- these markings are how people are initiated and brought into the community. In other religions, they are prohibited. Still others get them anyway to show off their religious devotion.

There was a time when tattoos were seen as something for outcasts-- pirates, prisoners, prostitutes, bikers, and (one of the few groups in which it was acceptable 50 years ago) soldiers or sailors. for women it was very rare, and a tattoo was something that could ruin a lady's reputation.

In recent decades, they've become more and more fashionable, even among Hollywood elite. In some businesses and industries, tattoos are common. Even beautiful women in the spotlight proudly sport some body art these days without any backlash

What is it about tattoos that can be so fascinating and beautiful to some, while conjuring nothing but stereotypes and negative images for others?

Typing the question: "Do you find tattoos attractive" on Google I was surprised to see how many results I got. I was surprised to see how many people are contemplating this question and how many "different yes and no" answers there are.

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Why people love tattoos

There is certainly a large population of people who love tattoos-- they are no longer viewed by the bulk of society as something distasteful. Some reasons people love tattoos include:

  • It's a form of self expression. In this day and age, people don't want to be like everyone else so much as people want to show off their own uniqueness. Tattoos are a way to do that.
  • People love body art; just like in ancient times, adorning the body with art is once again something seen as desirable rather than repulsive. We decorate everything else in the world-- our houses, our cars, city streets, windows, clothing-- why not our very skin?
  • As a tribute or memorial to someone special, or to remember an event or occasion. Some people like to get the date their children were born or footprints tattooed on their skin, some people like to get the name of a deceased loved one. These types of tattoos are growing more and more popular-- a permanent way to commemorate a person or date, something you'll have with you all your life.
  • Some people like the attention the get for their tattoos. They stand out, and they know it. In some industries, this can be very beneficial: being a performer or entertainer, working in the art industry or -- especially-- in the tattoo industry itself. What better way to advertise your art than to be a walking billboard?

Why people hate tattoos

Some people still cannot stand tattoos-- they not only don't ever want to think about getting one, but they think it is repulsive to look at someone with too many tattoos. Some reasons people do not like tattoos are:

  • They still attach it to the stigma as being a low-class thing, and they just can't get past that. This is especially true of older people who grew up in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and their views of tattoos were shaped by society at the time.
  • They are seen as unprofessional. In the business world, tattoos -- particularly visible tattoos-- are seen as taboo because they are associated with people who are less disciplined, wild or rebellious. This is not an image that many companies want their employees to project, nor is it a look that makes a businessman attractive to clients.
  • Conservative people dislike tattoos because their religious restrictions prohibit them. They view them not just as rebellion against society, but as rebellion against their God. They would rather not get a tattoo, nor are they likely to associate much with the kind of people who see tattoos as exciting or creative.
  • Poor taste is the problem for some people. They just think that most tattoos are not attractive on the body; they associate them with people who have cheap taste. The art would do better to stay on paper in their eyes.

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Things to consider if you want to get a tattoo

If you find tattoos beautiful and alluring, it may be startling to find out that other people do not. It may even anger you that some people would use your beautiful body art to judge you, or deny you opportunities.

Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if someone disagrees with you on what is beautiful there is just nothing you're ever going to do to change that. If it really bothers you that much for people to make snap judgements based on your tattoos, you should probably not get them in discreet places like the upper arms above your short sleeve shirt line, on the thigh, or the lower back. Basically, avoid getting them in places that would show with your normal clothes.

Employment is probably going to be one of your biggest concerns-- there are places that would just not hire you if tattoos are visible, while in other businesses it would be considered no big deal. Still in other industries, it's practically an asset. It's really important that you give your future career some consideration before you go tattoo yourself on your neck or wrist, or lower legs if you're a woman who wears skirts.

Another thing that you may find upsetting is that some people would not want to date you if you have tattoos-- or at least not want to get serious with you. They may have a conservative circle of family and friends, or they may be religious. Honestly, if someone cannot accept you for who you are in that situation you're probably better off without them.

Finally, remember that you keep growing and changing through your life. The tattoos that seem cute or meaningful to you today may not have the same appeal in 10 or 20 years. A person you're dating or married to right now might not be with you in a few years. This is why you have to give them some serious consideration.

The main thing is that you think through your tattoo decisions because removal is expensive and may not be an option for you. But if body art is beautiful to you, you shouldn't let anyone discourage you from doing what makes you happy, and you shouldn't be discouraged by what some other people might think.

What to remember about people who have tattoos

If you don't like tattoos, you shouldn't get one. Clearly, though, more and more people are finding them attractive and exciting. Try to keep in mind that someone who wants to express himself or herself with a tattoo is not necessarily cheap, rebellious, wild, loose, tough or dangerous. Try not to judge a book by it's cover. If it's not your thing, that's fine, but avoid making unfair judgments about anyone else.

Don't let people tell you what you should and should not like, however. You don't have to hire people to represent your business if you really don't like the message that they send, or if you are concerned about the image they might project. If you are not attracted to tattoos, you're entitled to your opinion. Don't let people make you feel like a snob for having your tastes.

Just keep in mind that tattoos are part of the mainstream, now. You never have to like them, but you should get used to them.

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Comments 20 comments

itakins profile image

itakins 7 years ago from Irl

Great hub!I have to say I dislike tatoos,and as a nurse I can assure you they do not improve with age!

Loved this hub,very balanced .

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

Thanks,Have a wonderful week :-)

Ebower profile image

Ebower 7 years ago from Georgia

I don't have a problem with tattoos on others, unless they are just all over the body...doesn't look as good. Personally, I'm not going to get one, because they are so permanent and I like variety! I don't like my hair the same way let alone something on my body! :)

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

And you do have a lovely hair :-)

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 7 years ago from London, UK

Some Tattoos are attractive, some are scary. lol. I would like to have a little one done some day.

PS. I've heard so much about, even visited the sight a few days ago, but finally signed up today for an account through your profile page. (Signed up after reading your Lobster Hub. :)

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

Hello Lady E :-)

I really do appriciate that you signed in shetoldme from the link in my profile.I'm new and it is very important to me.

Glad you find time to read my hubs.I see you are from London.

Never been there but i have heard so much about from sister

and friends.I love to visit this amazing city one day.

sibajar profile image

sibajar 7 years ago

That's an easy question - not attractive. I think all tattoos look tacky

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 7 years ago from Wisconsin

I agree with you Sibajar, to me a tattoo says that person is from the lower classes without much of an education, and that goes double even three times over for a woman.

Can we say TRAILER TRASH? Save your money and spend it on something worthwhile.

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

Ammmmmm..don't forget many make tattoos for religeous reasons and don't forget Angelina Jolie. She has some unique tattoos.I don't think it is related to education

because i know people that are very educated yet have tattoos.I simply think the skin looks better without.

stars439 profile image

stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

I think it is a matter of choice. I saw a really cool looking tattoo on a young man once. My dad had a few from when he was in the Army. I do not think they look too great on girls or women. I worry about them ever causing cancer, but I do not know enough about them to know if you can get cancer by having one. I think it is best for a person not to fool around with their skin. I also worry about folks that pierce their skin, or their tongues or lips. I think that could be very dangerous. I do not know much about that either, I just worry about what people do to their skin. GBY Dear Friend.

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

Ther are indeed some cool tattoos.I can't say i don't like them all.I'm like you a bit scared about causing skin cancer.

Animal World profile image

Animal World 7 years ago

I always wanted a scooby doo tat on my ankle, just the fear of needles has prevented me from doing it.

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

Well the ancle is a grest place to have a scooby doo :-)

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 7 years ago from Bishop, Ca

While I myself do not have any tattoos, my son has chosen to have the cosmos tatted on his chest. It is absolutely beautiful, and as you mentioned, reveals his soul within.

Thanks for this hub, shai77!

shai77 profile image

shai77 7 years ago Author

It is great to have the all cosmos in your heart :-)

james 6 years ago

so you are against stained glass in churches, you are against releif engravings in ancient temples, you must also be against paintings in museums because they decorate otherwise pristine walls much as tattoos do the human body. Besides, "the human body is perfect", have you seen some of the extra brick and mortor on the obese temples walking around out there???

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

I'm not against stained glass in churches and certainly not against paintings in museums,though i would prefer if they were in my house,i just like the human body as it is.

Wayne 6 years ago

It's like putting a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce!

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Wayne :-)

Loved it!

5 years ago

shai77: You're right; while it used to be a man thing, getting tattooed is now very much a lady thing, too, not only soft and delicate designs but also large ones with strong colors.

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