Doodle Bras For Men

Referred to me by a reader a few months ago, this is the perfect bra for the creative man or woman who loves lingerie. You know how when you're a child, you yearn to draw on everything, and over time that desire is curbed by punishment, looking down on taggers and the slow Alzheimerfication of your brain? Well here's some lingerie that may just rekindle that spark of creativity that you used to revel in all those years ago. It's the Doodle Bra!

What's a doodle bra? Well, it is a brassiere that you can draw on. Doodle bras come in one color, white, and come with a pack of pens to draw on them with. The bras are machine washable, and as long as you use the pens that come with the doodle bras, then when you wash them, the inks will also wash away, giving you a clean white bra to scrawl all over once again.

These are the perfect gifts for lovers of lingerie who think that they've already seen everything, and the sorts of people who can't help leaving notes wherever they go. For those sorts of people, the doodle bra turns them into a walking post - it note. It's like a dream. A very practical, machine washable dream, which are the best kinds of dreams you can have, if you ask me. I like my dreams to smell like detergent and frangiapani fabric softener.

If you really get into the idea of wearing clothes you've drawn all over, doodle bra also sells other doodle clothing, including hats, bags, socks and capris. Unfortunately the proprietors of the doodle bra company have no idea how to punctuate the plural of panties, (dear god, they have a category titled 'panty's' it's enough to bring a grammar lover to tears.) However, this is not sufficient evidence to suggest that they are terrible people in other respects and if their product is equally as innovative as their grammar, if not more so, so that's perhaps a positive indicator for customer satisfaction.

If you want other people to know that you are wearing a doodle bra without actually walking around with your bra hanging out, you can wear a doodle bra hat, or perhaps gift it to a young person who will promptly inform you how cringeworthy it is. Because it is indeed cringeworthy. A hat that proudly proclaims 'doodle bra' to the world? No I say, no! Keep both your doodles and bras discretely private for the good of whatever nation you are in.

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Georgiakevin profile image

Georgiakevin 7 years ago from Central Georgia

This seems like a wonderful idea. Everyone needs a little creativity in their lives....close to their heart.

ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

A great idea they had.

Nanciboy 7 years ago

Maybe their panties are just very possessive. :)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Nanciboy, you may have cracked the conundrum!

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