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There are many options for creating a costume, but one classic choice is surprisingly rare; the dragon! The dragon is an instantly recognizable mythological creature and there are many inventive ways to develop a costume with this theme. Below are the main costumes types and some of my favorite examples collected from across the internet.

Body Suit

The most obvious approach for many people is to create a full body suit to which you can attach a tail and headpiece or mask. Even a fairly haphazard assemblage, like the historical example below, has a certain charm. A modern example can be created by combining green (or otherwise matching) one-sie pajamas with gloves, wings, and a dragon mask.

St George with "dragon" (~1910)
St George with "dragon" (~1910)
Elkman / Foter.com / CC BY-SA Leather dragon (2010)
Elkman / Foter.com / CC BY-SA Leather dragon (2010)

Most pre-made dragon costume available in stores follow a lose body suit design. It is also open to a wide range of custom interpretation such as the leather dragon costume shown right.

There are also ready-made dragon-themed loose pajama style body suit (such is this one designed to resemble "Toothless" from How to Train Your Dragon) is referred to as a Kugurumi.

Mascot Style

The body suit can be padded out to created a radically different body shape.

Mascot style costumes are often humorous or cartoonish in style. A number of off-the-peg mascot designs are available. This one with the high neck is particularly cool.


A dragon is the actual mascot of schools including Drexel and New York Islanders/Dragons;and the Dunking Devils acrobatic team.


A more sophisticated version of the mascot style is a fursuit. Fursuits are costumes of anthropomorphic (human-like) animals of all types, including mythical animals.


Chinese Dragon

A traditional Chinese dragon costume includes a large ornate head with moving parts, and then a number of people operating a long, sinuous body.

Pet Costumes

And of course there are always pet versions of your favorite costumes. This white dragon is possibly the coolist of them all. I wish I had a dog who was cooperative enough to wear something like this.

Photo credit: ShardsOfBlue / Foter.com / CC BY-SA



So you can see there are a lot of unique options to pursue if you decide to buy, customize, or create a dragon costume of your very own!

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