Dress Tips For Men - Choosing The Best Clothing Colors


Trying to find a color that works for your skin tone isn't the easiest thing in the world. Here are some quick tips to help you choose:

1. Fair Skin - If you are a blond or a redhead, you need to stick with dark colors. Your pale skin looks even worse when paired with white. Go with navy, blues, basic black or a sage green.

2. Sallow Skin - If you look a bit yellow or green, you definitely need to avoid wearing these colors. A yellow shirt will just make you look like a giant banana. Go with whites, blues and black.

3. Darker Skin - You have it made. Pretty much all colors work for you. Stay away from dark browns or dull colors that don't highlight your gorgeous color.

Now, let's move onto eye color and what will highlight your features:

4. Blue Eyes - If you want to bring out your baby blues, you've got to wear blue. Look for shirts that match the color of your eyes. This will really make them more noticeable.

5. Brown Eyes with Red Tones - If you have dark brown eyes that have flecks or stripes of red, you need to go with warm tones to highlight them. Stick with oranges, reds or yellows.

6. Brown Eyes with Green Tones - If you have a hint of green in your eyes, you'll want to bring it out. Purple, especially plum, is the ideal color to do this. You'll be amazed at how green your eyes look.

7. Green or Hazel Eyes - These eyes can get lost in a color shuffle. If they are green, wear similar green colors to draw attention to them. Hazel is a little more difficult. Pick the color you want to draw out the most - for blue, wear blue, for green, wear green.

So, that's out the way...

Let's move onto what season you are. Yes, this will actually help you find the right colors for you. First, look at the underside of your arm. Do the veins appear blue or green? If they are blue, you are a cool tone. If they are green, you are a warm tone.

8. Cool Tones - Winter/Spring - These skin colors look best in primary colors. Look for bright shirts in teal, purple or Kelly green. You can get away with bold color choices. What colors do you associate with Winter and Spring? This is your jumping off point for color choices.

9. Warm Tones - Summer/Autumn - These skin colors need earth tones. Neutral colors or pale primary colors work best for you. Think of the season to help you pick the right colors.

10. Stuck in the Middle - If you have a skin tone that's really neither pale nor sallow, you can get away with mixing up your warm and cool tones. Pair bright bold colors with a more subtle earth tone to capitalize on your versatility. For example, a bright blue shirt will work well with a pair of drab khakis.


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liv 6 years ago

this is all wrong!!!!!!! none of this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomerr profile image

tomerr 6 years ago from Far Far Away... Author

why wrong?

Gold Chart 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for the info ...

chalkandsoul 6 years ago

This is not great info. :-(

Paleskin 4 years ago

So pale skin looks bad and will look WORSE under white? Since when was having pale skin a bad thing? Cretin.

jazz 3 years ago

nyc info

liamhubpages profile image

liamhubpages 3 years ago

Wow, a great hub, really haven't thought about all these factors before. I'd keep them in mind when putting on my leathers next.

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