Dressing You Truth: A Husband's Perspective

What The Heck is Dressing Your Truth?

To understand this article you must first understand what Dressing Your Truth is. Put simply, it is a system created by a woman named Carol Tuttle which helps women to dress their personalities and be happy with how they look and feel. For an in depth look at the system and see my wife's perspective on it, check out her article Dressing Your Truth. In this article you will see how this has changed her life, but I wanted to add my perspective to this mix because as a husband I feel that I have some insights that my help you make discussions as to the value of this system.

At the time of this writing Carol Tuttle is working on providing a Dressing Your Truth for Men, just as an FYI.

My Introduction to DYT

When I first heard about Dressing Your Truth (DYT), it was through my mother. I thought it was just another one of "those things mom did" and wrote it off and went on with my life. Then it kept coming up. She got my wife to look into the system and loaned her the book. It kept cropping up more and more when my wife and I talked. My initial thoughts of it was it was just another fad. Then my impressions progressed to "this must be a scam." Finally, when my wife started applying the principles to her life and I saw the change I realized what value this system really has! My wife, who I love dearly, transformed into a confident and more powerful individual. She was confident before, but by applying this system she came into her own.

Why It Works

Since I am in education I see a lot of girls going through self discovery. The problem with our society is the self image that is pushed on us. For men we are expected to be "cut", "buff", "hairless" (except in the right places) and more. But for women that expectation is harder still to achieve. The expectations of "beauty" have changed repeatedly over the last few decades. From Marilyn Monroe to Twiggy to present day super models who look like they are on drugs (dark eyes) and anorexic but with largish breasts the trends of what is considered beautiful for women is a horror house of frustration and agony. Girls from a young age are bombarded with ideas of what beautiful and ugly are and are not. They think they are fat. They think they are flat. They thing they are everything but what they really are which is beautiful. So when a system like this comes about which helps women to see their true inner beauty I think it is a good thing.

Now it took me a while to see this, but the deciding factor was the change I saw in my wife. Sure she still struggle with self image. Even I as a man occasionally get pushed down by the social "group think" of what beauty is for myself and others. Still, that frustration is less of an influence now. Instead I see my wife who has gained in confidence. Her shopping actually has become less sporadic and more focused on her style. This is lead to saving money because she shops less because her clothing "fits" her personality. It has also helped her in her self confidence. Now she is less hesitant to make decisions. She trusts her gut and acts on it.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, at least from my perspective Dressing Your Truth works. If you are a woman who is on the edge of whether or not you should do the program, I suggest doing it. At least read the book. I have (mainly out of curiosity). If you are husband, boyfriend, or father reading this and wondering if that lady in you life should do this, I suggest you encourage them. You don't have to be gung-ho about it, but gentle words of reassurance and support go a long way in the life of a woman. In either case, I can say that Dressing Your Truth is worthy of at least a second look.

Oh and if you are wondering, no I and my wife are not paid or compensated in any way by Dress Your Truth or any affiliated organizations to talk about this program or the related company. We share because it works. I share because I love what has happened to my wife and I want others to enjoy similar fruits.

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