Products that work for Black Skin

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Scrub - $5 to $8


Wakes You Up, and Gently Exfoliates For Visibly Healthier Skin


  • In some people it dramatically reduces acne
  • Great morning scrub (wakes you up)
  • Comes in different colors and scents
  • Deeps cleans leaving skin soft and smooth
  • Not too harsh on the skin


  • Can leave face a little dry
  • If use is discontinued it can cause acne for some people

This product is great as an everyday cleaner. ALWAYS Moisturize after using any kind of cleaners, even if your just rinsing face off with water. There are many things in water and in the cleaners that WILL cause your skin to become dry. And when changing cleaners slowly stop using the product, for example; if you use it everyday, alternate the new product in every other day for about a week. Then continue using the product for 2 times a week for another week or two. Buy then your face should become use to the new cleaner and your should have much of a problem with breaking out.

Olay Definity pore redefining Scrub $10


To thoroughly clean away dirt and make up from the skin, which minimizing pore size. Rejuvenates skin with a glucosamine and beta hydroxyl formula with gentle beads.


  • For some, it leave skin soft and smooth even after first application.
  • Skin is more radiant and luminous.
  • Works good for men and woman
  • In some cases even help out with acne


  • For some, after the first few application skin becomes dry and flakey
  • Complains of "a tight feeling" in the skin
  • Can cause acne and skin irritation.

This is a good product to use once a day. I believe that some people suffer from dryness because the product is too strong for their skin. And theres a easy solution for dry and flakey skin; moisturize your skin in the morning and at night.

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash - $15


Gently cleanses deep down into pores for clear skin. It contains Salicylic Acid to get rid of acne you have now and help prevent future breakouts.


  • Gets rid of acne (in some people)
  • makes skin less oily
  • Reduces size of pimples
  • Nice smell


  • Can irritate skin
  • Not for people with sensitive skin
  • Can cause dry and flakey skin
  • Some people think it stinks

For most people this product is not for every day use. (but it comes in handy) If you suffer from oily skin this product is for you. I've had issues with dryness when using this product myself, I only use it when my skin breaks out and only in those areas. People with sensitive skin should use this only once for twice a week if you also suffer from oily skin. Remember to moisturize with an oil free moisturizer.

Lumene beauty rejuvenating toner - $15-$30


Ment for mature skin, has nourishing arctic seabuckthorn oil. Moisturizes effectively and leaves skin feeling fresh and pleasantly soft.


  • A great moisturizer
  • Tones skin to it natural radiance
  • Works well with the Lumene rejuvenating set
  • Helps with hyper pigmentation


  • Expensive
  • Don't have the same effect for everyone
  • May not be a good product for people with oily skin


I haven't yet used this product. Little too expensive for me. But a few friends have told me it does even out skin tone and brighten up skin.

*If you have used this product before comment your experience at the bottom please =]*

Origins Modern Fraction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion Face Scrub - $35 - $45

  • Purpose:

Skin-refining rice starch, cushioned in cream, shows real affinity for rapidly removing sluggish cells, uneven patches and surface sun damage. Lemon oil kick-starts the process of illumination.


  • Works very well for black woman
  • Helps with hyper pigmentation
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • An oil control product
  • Deeps cleans


  • Expensive
  • Can dry out skin
  • If used too often it can be harsh on the skin

Try it out. I've heard nothing but good things about this product. I've ordered it my self! So I will update this after a month of using the product and show some before and after pics.  

*If you have used this product before comment your experience at the bottom please =]*

Proactive - $40 to $50


A 3-Step system that helps relieve and prevent acne.


  • Leave skin soft
  • Great acne fighter
  •  Reduces Acne & Acne scares
  • Helps with hyper pigmentation


  • After people stop using the acne comes back
  • The effects are sometimes temporary
  • Can leave skin dry and flakey
  • For some it doesn't work at all
This is a good product for teenagers going through prudery who are suffering with acne. An additional moisturizing product is needed. I believe it doesn't work as well with more mature skin. I used the product through my teens and it worked just fine. Very expensive!!! I stopped using it once my mother decided she didn't want to pay for it anymore. 


These products are just a few that I know of or that I have used myself. I only picked the first ones off the top of my head, but if you have any questions or want a review about a product let me know. ;D

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MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 2 years ago from Northern California, USA

Nice and informative review. I have used the Neutrogena and you are right, it can be drying, but a little moisturizer takes care of that. Your product review is helpful. I learned about products I had not considered before now.

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