Dry Skin Treatments You Can Try At Home

Cold weather can do a number on your skin, turning it into chapped, rough, red, blotchy, itchy, sometimes even cracked bloody mess.  Especially for those of us who have children know all about it, as most of us experience during pregnancy, dry skin like never before.  Of course gentlemen, it’s not to say that you wouldn’t know a thing or two about dry skin. 

So what do we owe such unpleasant effects of dry skin to?

The humidity in the outside air drops when the weather is colder in the winter.  Heating elements indoors keeps the air even drier in the indoor spaces we occupy for even longer times than we may during the warmer months.  To top it all off, we end up washing our hands even more often than during the warmer months during the cold and flu season contributing to further dryness of your skin.  It’s partly due to the genetic lottery as well since some of us just have stronger skin that will stand up to the test better than others.  You know how your friend can have candy bar after candy bar, not brush teeth before bedtime but still get no cavities yet your brushing and flossing your teeth like mama always said doesn’t seem to cut it for you?  Well, some things in life just are not fair and if you have dry skin, it’s not going to disappear.  Your skin is also programmed a certain way depending on your genetic coding.  It’s better to learn how to cope with and improve what you have rather than calling mom and dad to complain about it.

Since I know what I can’t change, any dry skin solution worth trying?

Use Moisturizers.

Drinking more water may help with your waistline but it’s not known to improve your dry skin.  The better form of moisturizers is the externally applied ones for dry skin.  Dry skin solutions actually should be employed before your skin is in trouble.  Once your skin is already dry and chapped, it is more difficult to rebound to that supple & dewy state.  Prevention as they say is the key.  Apply moisturizers often to create a barrier around your skin to allow protection for it to retain what moisture it has and add more moisture to your skin as well.  The dry skin products you may have applied first thing in the morning will not protect your skin throughout the day.  Your skin will need more protection than one application of even the best dry skin product out there to stay supple.  It would be helpful to place several of the dry skin products that work well accessible to you everywhere.  Have dry skin products ready for use in the bathrooms, in your purse, your gym bag, on your desk, in multiple places to facilitate multiple applications of the dry skin treatments. 

Clean your skin with the right products.

Choosing the correct product to cleanse your skin can make a big difference in dry skin management.  The temperature of the water you choose to use can also make a big difference.  Using warm, not hot water and mild soap can make a dramatic step forward in keeping your skin beautiful.  Also, avoiding hand-sanitizing gel is helpful as they tend to contain alcohol which has a drying effect on the skin.  After cleansing your hands or body with a mild moisturizing skin product, you can also tilt the balance to your advantage in the battle against extremely dry skin by not drying your skin completely.  That is, when possible, apply moisturizers after washing your hands without completely drying your hands or to the body after a shower also without completely drying off.  Some moisture still hanging out on your skin can be trapped in keeping your skin from drying out.  Don’t rub the moisture off rather pat dry your skin after cleansing.  This is also helpful since you are not irritating your skin by rubbing with a towel.

Try gloves.

Sure it sounds a bit annoying but applying a moisturizer and going to bed with soft cotton gloves on can help keep your skin supple and beautiful.  Petroleum jelly is a relatively cheap product that will accomplish this goal quite successfully.  If you can’t stand the thought of going to sleep with gloves on, try keeping them on for 30 minutes before bedtime and you are sure to see a marked difference in the way your skin presents.

Humidifier: it’s not just for a cold.

Since the dryness of the air indoors and outdoors can contribute to dry skin, add moisture to your surroundings.  Of course, this is not really something you might accomplish outdoors but you can certainly make use of the humidifier to keep the air from drying out your skin.  The key issue in employing a humidifier though is keeping the unit sanitary as to avoid mold or bacterial growth.

Dry skin.  It isn’t a rare condition and most of us experience it to a degree especially when it’s chilly outside.  Getting to know the little things we can do differently to keep our skin beautiful and functional to protect us is an investment worthwhile.

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