Edgy And Sleek Titanium Engagement Rings

Titanium engagement rings for women are not the most popular type of engagement rings for one very important reason.

They are not very easily sized and this can be a major concern for women or men that have just had their important carat plus diamond set in a titanium mounting that doesn’t fit anymore because of weight gain, weight loss, arthritis or pregnancy.

So typically most people shy away from engagement rings and stick to wedding bands in titanium that may have a few diamonds in them with perhaps a precious metal inlay or two.

This way if their finger size changes dramatically, they can afford to get a new one remade.Check out the titanium engagement ring to the right with the channel set princess diamond. It looks a lot like platinum yet is much less expensive.

In fact many online titanium wedding band stores offer a lifetime ring exchange policy where they will exchange your no longer fitting titanium ring with a brand new one in the current ring size of your finger for a modest refurbishing and shipping fee of $100 or less.

However this is difficult to do with women's titanium engagement rings that are set with a diamond center diamond that would need to be unmounted.

And once unmounted, the titanium engagement ring mounting cannot be refurbished or used again without incurring a cost that will be considerably more than crafting a new one.

Obviously you cannot compress a titanium ring to reduce the size so a sizing bar or wire made of jewelry grade titanium is wielded into the inner surface to take up some of the slack for a slightly smaller finger.

Nevertheless, there are many people that don’t anticipate their finger size changing by more than a half size up or down and usually a titanium ring can be stretched by a half size to accommodate the slightly larger finger.

Tension Set Titanium Engagament Rings

Because of its tensile strength and ability to spring back into its original shape titanium is an ideal metal from which to craft popular tension set engagement rings that you often see done in platinum.Titanium diamond rings like the one to the right are good options.

However with a titanium tension set ring you eliminate the astronomical cost of platinum the metal as well as the expensive and labor intensive finishing process that such a platinum engagement mounting must go through.

Of course you have far more flexibility when it comes to sizing options with a tension set platinum mounting however with the tension set ring style that advantage over titanium largely disappears since you have to unmount the center stone first and then remount it when the platinum ring has been resized.

A jeweler skilled in platinum tension set engagement rings will charge good money for that job, much more than it will cost for a titanium ring manufacturer to produce an identical tension set mounting in your current ring finger size and scrap the original to reset your stone in the new ring.

For this reason titanium tension set engagement rings are popular with couples on a budget that like the tension set look but cannot afford the platinum option.

Not only do they save on the metal cost, they also will be doing without all that excessive platinum weight in the mounting.

Because tension set mountings are necessarily bulky mountings in order to have the necessary tensile strength to hold a center diamond in place securely, many people find the platinum version quite uncomfortable to wear and prefer the titanium option.

Black Titanium Engagement Rings

Another nice feature of titanium is that it comes in many shades of gray all the way to a jet black. This is not a process like black rhodium which is essentially a temporary plating applied to gold to make it black.

This is a metal treatment found in black titanium engagement rings for women that goes quite a ways into the metal’s surface creating a black colored titanium shell at least a millimeter thick.

When you couple that with titanium’s hardness you get quite a durable black metal that is jewelry grade and whose black surface will not wear away or abrade away with daily wear.

So you can find some great contemporary styles of engagement rings pairing the jet black of this titanium alloy with inlays of white titanium, bronze and even copper for some startlingly different looks in engagement rings. Check out cool edgy looks of the black titanium and copper tension set engagement ring to the right.

Even by itself this black titanium provides a refreshing change of pace in engagement ring design as well as in mens titanium engagement rings. Check out the jet black titanium engagement ring to the top right and how the princess diamond literally pops with life in this setting.

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I love choices in jewelry, and engagement rings are no exception!

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