Embrace the Color Blocking Trend


So What Is Color Blocking?

Let’s begin by defining color blocking. It consists of wearing large, bright blocks of seemingly disparate colors that actually compliment each other. How do you know which colors work together?

Pick up a color wheel at the local art supply store. It’s a cheap and invaluable tool.

The colors opposite and adjacent to each other on the wheel are fair game. As are those that form a “T” or an “X” on the wheel. You can safely use two or three colors to achieve the look—any more will throw off the balance and become overpowering.

Don't forget to consider your hair color and skin tone when choosing your colors. Certain colors may look good on paper, but might not translate well on you. The best approach is to try on various color combinations—just make sure you don't make a decision based on the icky dressing room lighting. Go out into the store and check it out in natural light.

Be Brave

I know many of you have resisted the urge. It’s high time to embrace color blocking and show off your flamboyant side! For those of us mad for color, this fashion trend has been a long time coming. For the conservative fashionistas among us, color blocking represents all things inherently wrong with high fashion.

Luckily, color blocking options are limitless, so there is virtually a look that will suit all of us—young and old, timid or bold. I’ve done loads of snooping and have come up with the best of the best about color blocking. What are you waiting for? Now go out there and rock it!


Release Your Inner Wild Child

Fierce examples of color blocking feature vibrant hues, ala Rihanna or Sarah Jessica Parker. This is not exactly to my liking, but you gotta admit, it does make a statement! Use two or even three different shades to grab attention. Take your love of color and throw caution to the wind!


For the Timid at Heart

Tone things down with monochromatic blocks of color or go the safe black and white route. While monochromatic color blocking is not as visually impactful, black and white can be just as graphic as bright color combinations. This understated technique may be a great way to ease into the color blocking trend. Maybe then you'll gain the courage to take more color risks!

Small Touches Create Big Impact

Dress in a solid color and introduce color blocking with your accessories. Shoes, purses, belts, jewelry and scarves are another way to play it safe and still incorporate the trend. Pick out a solid color dress or separates. Add a bright, contrasting chunky belt and color block heels to transform a 9-5 outfit into a fun evening look! There are many options to choose from and you can spend as little or as much as your budget allows. As you can see, Amazon.com is a great resource for reasonably-priced color block accessories.


Don’t want to fork over the cash for a pair of color block wedges? Simply opt for a color block mani or pedi to flaunt your fashion sense for a special occasion. If you have a steady hand, do your own manicure. Check out this funky, pink and orange paint job!

DIY Color Blocking Manicure

Color Blocking for Dummies

If you find putting together unfamiliar color combinations overwhelming, don’t sweat it. This is one exception when it pays to be a cheater! You'll eliminate the confusion and end up look like a fashion genius! Shop major retailers for a variety of colorblock dresses and separates.

Get in the Swim

Whether for a vacation or simply lounging around the apartment pool, The color blocking trend has even invaded the swimwear industry. These captivating suits incorporate bold chunks and stripes of color. You can even choose separates in contrasting colors to create the look. From the teeniest bikini to more modest one-piecers, swimsuit designers have definitely taken the color blocking plunge! Look for color block beach bags, cover-ups and sandals to either coordinate with solid swimsuits.

Keep It Under Wraps

Not ready to take color blocking public? Consider maintaining a low profile for you and your special someone with color blocked lingerie! If you are a bit more daring, a color blocked bra worn under a sheer blouse for clubbing will be a real attention-getter! Inspire Technicolor dreams with color block-inspired nightgowns, pj’s, robes and slippers.

Color Blocking Color Suggestions

Still having a tough time coming up with appropriate color combinations? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Pink and Orange
  • Purple and Orange
  • Yellow and Turquoise
  • Deep Red and Brown
  • Coral, Tan and Red
  • Bright Yellow, Pink and Mint Green
  • White, Yellow and Cobalt Blue
  • Turquoise, Burnt Orange and Red
  • Black, White and Red
  • Bright Orange, Indigo Purple and Pink

Color Blocking Techniques

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