Emerald Stone-The Green Colored Excellence

It is found in green and various closer shades of green hue. More often than not, you will find it to be comprised of some or the other element of blot, and therefore, it is not very easily found in absolute state of perfection. Usually, the blots over it are caused due to the presence of carbon, as formed out of their extended presence in coal mines. Also, it is very common for them to have intrinsic cracks and scratches. Also, it doesn’t score too high on the Mohs scale of hardness, and is thus highly vulnerable to cracks and scratches. However, its physical properties are still far more than enough to make it look like one highly appealing stone. Also, it is said to be comprised of too strong metaphysical properties, that the impact of the same can be sensed only be gazing once at it. Earth is its element.


Afghanistan, Colombia, Madagascar, Russia, Zambia, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, and Brazil are the major sources of this stone. Amongst them, Colombia sources the best quality of all, while those sourced out from Zambia and Brazil are equally qualitative.

Mercury, the Associated Planet

The astrological planet of Mercury holds an association with the Emerald stone. In astrology beliefs, it has been described to be the prince amongst all the planets. It is believed to be influential on the aspects of one’s intelligence, communication, and speech. Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs are its associated zodiac signs. In case, where it is positioned in weak or malefic state, the stated aspects get influenced in an adverse way. In case, where it is positioned in benefic state, the stated aspects get influenced in a positive way. In either of these cases, Panna can be brought in use for strengthening the position and impact of Mercury for further intensifying the favorable impact or for nullifying the malefic impact.

Other Valuable Benefits

Emerald stone, as believed to be in astrology, is an effective source of deriving mental alleviation. It helps one in shedding the cause of mental depression and anxiety. It improves one’s state of interpretation and thinking. Also, it helps one gain a control over emotional sensibilities. It helps one grow spiritually, and makes one more generous, righteous, and adorable. It creates an imperceptible shield around its wearers to protect them from the influences of black magic, negative energies, evil eyes, and nightmares. Also, one never gets evil thoughts. It also confers one with an ability to perceive the real faces and intentions of people present around.

Goddess Saraswati, who according to Hindu mythology is the supreme deity of wisdom, intelligence, and communication, confers her blessings on a person who wears this stone. As a result, one grows on all those aspects. This stone also confers one with the pleasure which one derives out of the materialistic aspects of life in the form of land and property, abundance of food grains, and noble children. If you gift this stone to a person whom you love, then love, compassion, and understanding will grew in between you.

Health Benefits

Emerald stone is comprised of certain nature of healing properties, which enable it to offer effective remedial solutions for the problems of asthma, rheumatism, spondalysis, cough stammering, etc. Also, it improves one’s eyesight, and fixes any problem related to it.

Most Beneficial For

With the nature of its metaphysical properties and the kind of impact it creates over its wearers, astrology recommends it to be most beneficial for astrologers, accountants, diplomats, teachers, writers, property dealers, engineers, businessmen, architects, and those working in science and medical field. Besides them, all those who are in anyway related to some sort of intellectual work or art or education, should have this stone as that will enhance their intellectual abilities, creative skills and diameter of wisdom. Pregnant women should wear this stone around their waist, as that will ensure safe and less painful delivery of a child.

The Process of Wearing It

The process of wearing it should be performed during sunrise on Wednesday only. An Emerald stone, of not less than 2.5 Ratti and preferably embedded in silver, should first be washed with un-boiled milk. Then, after touching it with the idol or image of any deity, in which you hold a profound belief, wear it in the little finger of the right hand. While doing so, devotedly chant the associated Mantra of “Om Braam Breem Broum Sah Bhudhaya Namah”. Conclude the process by offering prayers to Lord Mercury. On the same day, donate some money to Brahmin and feed cows with some vegetables.

The above stated Mantra should be devotedly recited on regular basis, if one aspires to derive utmost out of this stone.

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