Enigmatic celebrity tattoos and their meanings

     Traditionally tattoos provoked a lot of discussions in the society. Some people think that they are fine, others are sure that they are vulgar. Many people don't want to make tattoos because of fear to harm both their health and beauty, whereas celebrities make one tattoo after another and are not afraid to show their tattoos to the rest of the world.

     Tastes differ among celebrities: some of them prefer to make ordinary tattoos, but also there are those who try to stand out against others. Here are 5 the most enigmatic tattoos of celebrities.

     Angelina Jolie 

     Several lines stand conspicuously on Angelina's left arm, they are geographical coordinates of places where all her numerous children were born. Here one can see latitude and longitude of Cambodia where her first adopted son Maddox was born. The second line shows coordinates of Ethiopia, the birthplace of Zahara. Then Namibia goes, where the actress gave birth to her biological daughter Shiloh. The forth line is a motherland of Pax, an adopted boy from Vietnam. And finally two last lines show the location of Nice, where Jolie's twins were born.

     Jessica Alba

     There is a small tattoo on the Jessica Alba's wrist, which can be translated as "lotus" from Sanskrit. Lotus is a symbol of spiritual advance. The dearest people of actress (her mother, aunt and cousin) have the same tattoos. It was Alba's mother who made such a tattoo the first, then her aunt made, and finally both Jessica and her cousin made this tattoo as soon as they reach 18.

     Victoria Beckham

     The neck of Victoria Beckham is decorated with a quotation in Hebrew: "I belong to my beloved, and my beloved belongs to me". David also has a similar tattoo, which says: "I to my dear, and my dear to me". They made these tattoos after 6 years of being married (in summer 2005). It's a peculiar oath in eternal love.

     Hayden Panettiere

     Not long ago Hayden Panettiere, a star of the serial Heroes, decorated her left forearm with a fanciful tattoo in Latin. The inscription starts with a word Vivere which translates as "to live" from the Italian language. The rest of the inscription star hasn't shown yet. I think that adds more mysteriousness to this tattoo and provokes more guesses.

     Penelope Cruz

     An enigmatic tattoo 883 on the ankle of Penelope Cruz has been discussed for a long time and engendered a lot of rumor. They said that these numbers were connected with the model of Harley Davidson, that became very popular among Hollywood stars (Harley Davidson Sportster 883). But only several years ago Penelope revealed her secret - 3 and 8 are her lucky numbers according to numerology. Another 8 Penelope added in the middle because she wanted good luck always be next to her.

     I only want to add that tattoos are not simply pictures on skin - it's an art, and the majority of tattoos always have an undermeaning.

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Chris Eddy111 profile image

Chris Eddy111 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Cool hub on celebrity tattoos and their individual meaning.

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

I'm glad that you liked it... ;) Thanks for commenting.

Run Down Battery profile image

Run Down Battery 6 years ago from UK

absolutely fascinating!!

stars439 profile image

stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Very nice the way they decorate themselves. They must have a lot of meaning to them. God Bless You.

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